29 things I learned in my 29th year

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If he was around, my Grandpa would no doubt remind me that I am entering into my 30th year. So while I celebrate my 29th birthday this week, I want to reflect on 29 lessons I learned since 28. Or, as he would say – 29 things I learned during my 29th year.

  1. Surround yourself with people that push you. Personally and professionally.
  2. Consider getting a dog. When the going’s tough, they’ll make sure you get out of bed in the morning.
  3. You don’t really need a TV. But you do really need dry shampoo.
  4. I’ve lived long enough to know that when people say, “It won’t matter 5 years from now”, it’s absolutely true.
  5. Trust your gut. You know more than you think you know about some things.
  6. Support other women and celebrate their successes. Mentor other women.
  7. Hangovers hurt worse than they did last year.  
  8. Practice what you preach – it’s ok and highly encouraged to take rest days.
  9. Columbia jackets are no-strings-attached lifetime guaranteed. I know because I replaced 2 this year.
  10. There’s no more satisfying feeling than to pop off sets of strict pull-ups as the lone female in the globo-gym.
  11. Say “yes” when you’re peer pressured into physical challenges. Crossfit Open, Tough Mudder, Granite Games all turned out to be great decisions.
  12. Progress comes in short sprints, not marathons. I mean this in terms productivity and time management, but also in terms of double-unders.
  13. Jersey style pizza > Chicago style pizza.
  14. You CAN win money at pull tabs.
  15. Always be willing to spontaneously see Brandi Carlile in concert.
  16. It’s not pretty when you cry. It’s even less pretty when you hold it in. Let that shi*t go!
  17. Get a coach. Even if you’re a coach, get a coach.
  18. There [still] is no upper limit to egg consumption.
  19. Sometimes nutrition coaching is just impeccably timed emojis.
  20. You’re gonna miss costume parties if you don’t seek them out.
  21. You don’t have a business when you have a website. Or a logo. Or a flashy social media presence. You have a business when someone pays you to help them with something – even if you’re doing that from your phone, sitting at a coffee shop. The other stuff comes in time.
  22. They always say change is uncomfortable and it really is. But when you’re going through changes, there is always Adele and there is always Beyonce.
  23. Don’t think the worst – it’s not always about you.
  24. I am better at bowling than I am at golfing. And that’s not saying much.
  25. Prioritize the time you spend with those who are not threatened by your successes, gifts and talents.
  26. People might think you’re weird for inquiring about their poop – but it’s cool. You know “gut health” is the most important health topic of the future and it’s awesome that you’re passionate about it.
  27. Temporary tattoos are still cool. Especially when applied by strangers. Over wine. At a cabin.
  28. The universe will give you what you need. 
  29. Take the time for walks with friends. That’s when the best conversations happen.