18 Things I Learned in 2018

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I could probably call this list, “Things I Learned In My First Year of Full Time Self Employment” or “Things I Learned in Moving to a City Where I Only Know my Dog and my Boyfriend” or “Things I Learned That I Didn’t Know I Needed To”.

Needless to say, I learned a bajillion things this year. Here’s just a sampling.


  1. You can not be negative and also be grateful at the same time.

  2. If you can get behind “healthy at every size” but you can’t figure out how to be “happy at every size”, you still have work to do.

  3. You can not force passionate content. Here’s a quick look at what happened in my relationship with email this year: I love writing to my subscribers and I look forward to it every week! Oh my gawd, I am so busy, but I can totally keep up and find time to write to my subscribers. I am dreading writing another email and I am not inspired. Ok, I will just stop writing. You haven’t written to your list in about 6 months and now it’s just awkward and you might as well keep avoiding it. I really miss writing to my subscribers. I can’t WAIT to start writing emails again.

  4. You can’t expect anyone to invest in you if you don’t first invest in yourself.

  5. It’s important to go out of your way to tell the good people in your life that they are doing an amazing job or that you’ve been positively impacted by their actions. Don’t keep that ish to yourself.

  6. Making bread is a legitimate form of meditation. Do it more.

  7. To be happy all the time is a privileged, 21st century, unrealistic ask of yourself. Happiness is just one of many emotions that you’ll fluidly experience every day, every week, every year. It doesn’t mean something is wrong in your life or that you need significant, sweeping changes if you’re not happy all the time.

  8. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a client is to let them go.

  9. Do not take “influencer” status too seriously, but don’t take it for granted either. Maybe try not to laugh when someone calls you one.

  10. Aruba is basically a windy desert with some not-so-native palm trees. 10/10 would recommend traveling by four wheeler.

  11. It’s important to seek opportunities to be with real live humans when you live a big chunk of your life online. Like the gym! Forget about “torching calories”, “firing that metabolic engine” or “making your fat cry”: commiserate over your tight hammies and make friends while you do so.

  12. What you look at every day absolutely does impact your mood. This includes, but is not limited to: aesthetically pleasing color schemes, mid-century modern decor, a clean kitchen. And plants.

  13. How to hack my “questioner” tendency for incredible productivity and habit change. Check out Gretchen Rubin if you don’t get the reference.

  14. Not all natural deodorants are created equal.

  15. Don’t delay, get blackout shades.

  16. Sometimes when you’re crying, you’re actually angry. Sometimes when you’re angry, you’re actually stressed.

  17. Magical things happen when you remove the “what if I fail at this” and refuse to give yourself any other option.

  18. Outsource what you can. Personally and professionally. The top things I outsourced in 2018 were grocery shopping to Instacart and Butcher Box, an out-of-control email inbox to automated systems and virtual assistants. Also, I paid to have my house cleaned a couple times and it was everything I needed it to be.