holiday gift guide

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⁣⁣Sourcing beef, poultry and pork from farmers who care about the health of the animals and the environment absolutely matters. Last year, I put my money where my mouth is and upleveled my animal products. You can too! If you wanna cut the search for high quality meat and stop spending your weekend bouncing from store to store to locate your favorites, check out Butcher Box*. Each box comes with a selection of delicious, top cuts and enough meat for 15 to 20 meals, at about $6-7/meal.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Select your box: choose from four different types of boxes, all including their amazing grass-fed beef and change your box type anytime.
  2. Customize: Want more bacon or burgers for summer grilling, customize to fit exactly how your family eats.
  3.  Set your schedule: ButcherBox is a monthly membership service but you can adjust your frequency to receive a box every other month or every three months. You can also cancel anytime which is a win, win for when we’re finally outa lockdown and making up for lost travel time next year. 

 New members will receive one pack of bacon for the lifetime of their membership PLUS $10 off their first box but this offer will expire after December 31. *this is an affiliate links which means if you buy from ButcherBox, I get a small commission but there is no additional cost to you.

Snack Magic is a completely customizable snack box delivered to your door.


Narrow your search for the perfect snacks by gluten-free, paleo, keto-friendly, grain free and more. Discover snacks that you would otherwise never know about because the companies are too small to get into your mainstream grocery – like seriously, they thought of everything!


When a client told me about a snack magic gift from her employer, I had to check it out myself. I was so impressed by their focus on expose small-but-mighty food companies that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity for distribution in large grocers. Fill your custom box with snacks from companies that are minority and women owned, have a mission to give back, or prioritize sustainability in production and packaging. 

 Whether you give for a friend or gift to yourself, be sure to use code “EMILYSNACKS” to get $10 off your first order.  

Hey, ’tis the season for spiked egg nog, fancy cocktails, and Christmas beers. But oh! Santa baby! the headache and upset stomach tomorrow almost makes it not worth it! 

What if you could prevent a hangover by helping your body detox alcohol more efficiently? I got’chu. Click here to view my alcohol detox protocol on my professional supplement dispensary, Fullscript. 

Know you’re getting high quality products (and save 15%!) by ordering through Fullscript.

My number one cookbook of 2020. Seriously, it’s that good. 


I love to batch cook to save time, but I don’t love eating the same meal day after day all week long. Enter the cookbook that will have you prepping a protein, starch and vegetable that can easily assemble three fresh, diverse meals The book includes 26 weeks of well rounded, delicious meals that the whole family will love eating with a foundation in whole, real food. 


Based on my experience and the experience of my clients, recipes are easily adapted to meet personal macro goals (bonus!) as most ingredients are kept separate before meal time. Feel free to flex protein, fat and carbohydrates according to your needs. 


My friend and fellow Registered Dietitian developed a heat-stable pre- and probiotic-rich beverage powder that not only tastes great but loves on your tummy, too. Kelsey made an easy and convenient way to reap the digestive benefits of a healthy gut microbiome, mix Gut Power coffee, matcha or cocoa into hot or cold water to replace your regular beverage habit. 



Julie Andrews is a dear friend, fellow Registered Dietitian and incredible chef. Her Simple Soups digital cookbook is packed with 25 soup recipes to keep you cozy, warm and nourished this season. 


Follow her for more delicious recipes at The Gourmet RD!