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How My Clients Got Lean By Eating More – and Without Skipping Family Meals + Happy Hours

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Imagine this:

You don’t need a pick-me-up snack or double shot to get by the 3 p.m. slump, which is great because you have a packed evening!

You feel strong in your workouts and you impress your coaches!

You are confident in the way you eat! You know it’s supporting you, not holding you back from seeing results. 

You don’t feel like you need to “earn” your food and embrace the fact you need fuel for your body. 

These are just some of the common benefits my clients experience after learning a macros approach. 

work-for-it Wanda

Wanda was the girl who felt like she could eat whatever she wanted as long as she was training for a race. She convinced herself that she had to “earn the carbs,” so you can imagine the off season, and eventually, off-days, looked pretty low-carb. She felt shame and guilt for losing control and overeating, but there were times she simply couldn’t fight the cravings and hunger!

After diving into a macros approach and learning exactly how much food she needed to be eating to fuel for and recover from her training, Wanda no longer oscillates between undereating and overeating. She said  “goodbye” to the workout day and rest day versions of her diet and “hello” to faster race times, quicker recoveries and a leaner, stronger body.

misinformed mary

You can picture my face when she told me her trainer prescribed a very low-carb diet capped at 1200 calories and said “hunger is the symptom of fat loss” and to just “keep going” with her 6 day-a-week workout schedule. 

Mary would tell you she wouldn’t even recognize that old version of herself anymore. She’s eating 2-2.5 times as much as her old trainer had advised and properly supporting her metabolism, hormones and active lifestyle. She’s developed a strong, fit physique all without chastising herself for “overeating”.

Disciplined Dana

If her coach gave her a calorie goal or a meal plan, she made up her mind to commit to it. But, when she plateaued with fat loss and the answer was to get more strict and restrictive, she thought there had to be a better way. 

Dana is done with and will never go back to a cookie cutter plan again! At nearly 6 feet tall, of course she needed personalized macronutrient recommendations! She is eating more than she ever has and actually looks forward to working out. While she might have used to think HIIT and cardio were the best ways to shed fat, Dana has completely ditched those workouts for weight lifting and has changed her body composition as a result.

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