how to get started tracking macros

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I mean, like where do I really even start? – Drake⁣

(And you! when you first hear about macros and download your first set of macro targets)⁣

The first thing I want you to do is ditch your preconceived notion that this is another diet plan or program that you just “follow” starting on Monday. ⁣

Macro tracking is a skill you learn over time with practice. Normalize getting better at something the longer that you do it. Normalize not being perfect at it right away. ⁣

1. I always suggest tracking how you currently eat without changing anything. This gives you data about what you might need to change, if anything. Maybe you’re lacking in protein? Or eating too much fat than what is recommended? Take this information, and make adjustments as necessary.⁣

2. After that, aim to just hit your protein grams without worrying about anything else. I suggest hitting protein first because when you have goals for body composition change, hitting protein targets is the most beneficial, and often the macro that people struggle most with. You’ll also cut WAY back on snacking because you’ll be more full and satisfied. ⁣

3. Next, aim to hit your protein AND your total calories, but let carbs and fats fall where they may. I term this “flexible tracking” where you’re flexing carbs and fats up or down in order to hit calories. ⁣

4. And lastly, when you’ve got a rhythm down and you’re starting to feel confident with tracking, you’ll aim to hit all three of your macro targets. This is where suggest aiming when you have the most time and bandwidth to commit to a macros approach and if you’re most serious about body composition change.⁣

Different seasons of your life might not allow for you to be diligently tracking your food – that’s okay! There is power in doing “something” to keep you mindful about nutrition. Just slide up and down the pyramid as you see fit.

Need your first set of macro targets?