how to get started with tracking macros

getting started with tracking macros
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So you’ve heard about tracking macros and you can totally get behind WHY you’d want to do it. 

Your friends are shouting amazing benefits and mindset shifts around food since they started: more food freedom! efficient and effective improvements to health markers + body composition + athletic performance! finally, a solid understanding of what it means to eat “enough” or eat “balanced”. 

But like, how do you get started?

STEP 1. Download an app that you’re familiar with, understand, and/or like to use because you can’t hate your tracking method. Start logging your current eats without changing anything. My favorite tracking apps are “My Fitness Pal” and “Fat Secret”. 

STEP 2. Start to pay attention to the macronutrient (protein, fat and carbohydrates) breakdown of your meal and at the end of the day. Ignore total calories. Start to gather some information about the way you typically eat. 

STEP 3. Find an online calculator to determine your macronutrient needs based on your unique goals. Compare to averages you’ve been seeing in your diary. Check out this download if you want to use MY approach which takes a couple extra details into account. 

STEP 4. Pick one macronutrient to focus on tackling first. Start making changes to your current eats to get closer to the macro prescription. I recommend starting with protein. Don’t worry about perfection in this step – getting within +/- 10-15 grams of your macro goal is sufficient in this learning stage.

STEP 5. Aim to get within 5 grams of each of your macros according to your prescription. If you can string together at least a week of macro tracking within 5 grams of your macro total goals, it’s time to start to assess how you look, feel, and perform. Let this start to inform you that you’re on the right track and to keep going!