how to track alcohol towards your macros

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Save this post for the weekend!

Or really anytime you need a refresher on how to track that crisp glass of rosé – you boujee b.

Let’s talk about alcohol for a minute.⁣

Here’s the bad news:⁣

Drinking alcohol is like putting half water and half gas in your car’s tank: the body can’t do anything with it. ⁣

Counting alcohol towards your macro targets is essentially stealing macros from other functions⁣
>> can’t build that booty you want with bubbles⁣
>> can’t support hormone balance with tequila⁣
>> can’t normalize blood sugar with whiteclaw⁣
>> can’t recover from leg day with blood mary’s⁣
>> can’t get restful, deep sleep with red wine⁣

Here’s the good news: ⁣

I’m not the RD who will tell you to give up alcohol while in pursuit of your health, body composition and athletic performance goals. ⁣

When we’re talking about creating a lifestyle void of guilt, shame and fear around food – one where maintaining a comfortable body shape and size is effortless – you’re gonna have to figure out your best balance eventually. ⁣

If you want to enjoy alcohol on occasion and stay on track with your goals, you’ll need to get picky about:⁣
>> the type⁣
>> the amount⁣
>> the frequency at which you drink⁣
>> the mixers you choose⁣

You WILL have to make adjustments to allow for drinks. Sometimes those adjustments are totally worth it and sometimes they are not. ⁣

Will alcohol be a part of your weekend? If yes, how do you plan to handle it?