Don’t you wish someone could just tell you exactly how to eat to be

fit, strong and lean?

Confusing, contradictory and complicated nutrition information ends HERE. Learn exactly how to eat to support your unique goals and find food freedom in the process.

Are you tired of feeling like you have no idea what to eat or how much to eat to actually see results?

How great would it be to start viewing food as fuel and stop labeling some “good” and some “bad”?

Have you been making yourself crazy trying to identify the best diet, combination of foods, or macro prescription that will deliver the results you’re looking for?

You’ve got the exercise piece down - wouldn’t you like to start looking like you work out?

It is possible to eat to support your body composition and athletic performance goals without feeling hungry, tired, or frazzled in the process. Let me show you the most efficient and effective way to see changes in your body shape and size through my macro tracking course.


macros made easy

Introducing Macros Made Easy Course: a group coaching course designed to get you from confused about how much to eat to support your unique goals, to confident that you’re eating to your needs in 5 weeks flat.

why my course?

When it comes to your eating pattern, you need freedom and autonomy, not limits and restriction. You want a bit of structure without sacrificing flexibility.

Understanding the protein, fat and carbohydrates content of your meals, and shifting your eating pattern to hit your macronutrient targets each day puts you in the driver’s seat for how you want to look, feel and perform. Consider Macros Made Easy the step-by-step guide to mastering macro tracking so you can reap all the health, body composition and athletic performance benefits of eating to support your body.

Tell me, where do you see yourself right now?

When you graduate Macros Made Easy, I’m positive you’ll be calling yourself a Macro Master!

picture this:

what's included in this course

what's included
in this course

Macros Made Easy is a 5 week skill building coaching experience that will teach you how to plan, prepare and enjoy food you love, while hitting your target macronutrients each day. Consistently eating your needs yields incredible health, body composition and athletic performance results, but if you don’t enjoy the process or it isn’t sustainable, you’ll give up and not be successful.

Virtual Training

In the LIVE virtual training at start of course, Registered Dietitian and macros expert, Emily Field, will walk you through essential macro tracking success tips. You’ll learn which apps are best for food logging, how to build a meal to hit your macro targets every time, and when to transition from using a tracking app on a daily basis.

Value: $300

6 Weeks Group Coaching

5 weeks of lesson content + 1 prep week means you spend 6 total weeks with me in an online group coaching setting. Emily will support and guide you through the lessons in her proven approach so you’re all set to take things on your own after graduating.

Value: $600+

Personalized-To-You Macro Targets

Let Emily and her team of nutrition professionals set you up for success during the course and beyond with macro targets that feel intuitive and easy to hit - while delivering the results you want. Upon registration, you’ll complete an extensive assessment so she can manipulate your protein, fat and carbohydrate targets based on your food preferences, health history and physical activity routine.

Value: $150

Lifetime Access to content

Sometimes you want to review and process course material after you’ve seen it once. Enrolling in Macros Made Easy once gives you access to the content for life - including future updates to the lessons and resources.

Opportunity to work with Emily Field RD one-on-one after you complete the course

Macros Made Easy is a precursor to working with Emily one-on-one. While she only accepts a limited number of clients to ensure she delivers a high level of care and attention, you’ll be eligible to apply for coaching upon graduation.

I have been exactly where you are.

grab my guide right now and start tracking towards better, easier to hit targets today!

Now, I feel great in my skin - I can effortlessly maintain a weight, body shape and size that I am comfortable with.

I want that for you, too.

here’s a peek at what you’ll learn in

macros made easy

Macros Made Easy is For You If...

Macros Made Easy is Not For You If...

don't waste your time

Are you ready to stop fearing food? Wouldn’t you like to eat without shame, guilt and without labeling your foods “good” and “bad”?

Do you want help and support with your nutrition so you can finally learn what works for you and your unique body? You can stop jumping onto the latest trend or meal plan or copying what you’re friends and coworkers are doing in hopes that it will deliver long term, lasting results!

Don’t you think it’s time to get off that rollercoaster of munchie, hangry, crave-y, crashing and tired?

Ever wonder if there was a “better fit” set of macros for you and your goals because the targets that free online calculators set for you feel impersonal and impossible to hit?

Macros Made Easy is the fastest, simplest way for you to learn exactly what to eat and how much to eat so you can finally feel full, satisfied, and energized while getting fit, lean and strong in the process.

what do the people say?

“This course was so informative! Emily was readily available and promptly answered questions when I asked. I lost 6 pounds during the 5 week course, which is great considering I had foot surgery and wasn’t able to do much in the way of exercise during this time. I’ve never been good at tracking my food or my calories, but this course truly made tracking macros accessible and easy to do. It has been a very good learning experience.”

Emily is a true coach. She works to enhance your own abilities to choose the right food for you - no choice is a bad one with Emily. She can literally teach you how to make all foods possible. I love the feeling that no food is off limits. This was incredibly freeing for me.”

“I’ve started focusing on macro balanced meals and have noticed a huge shift in my energy level. I feel satiated and I feel great! My PCOS symptoms are improving and I can see a definite change in physical appearance as well.”

“Macros Made Easy helped take the stress out of managing my macros. Before this course, I had been tracking macros for a few years. Although I was a seasoned tracker, I felt like I was always scrambling to balance out my day. With the information I learned in MME, now know exactly what I need to do to hit my macro targets and I’m nailing them almost effortlessly every single day.”

i've got questions!

Macros Made Easy was made for the beginner tracker but can also serve as “continuing education” for more advanced trackers. We will answer all of your burning questions from planning meals for the week with macros in mind, eating out while sticking to your macro goals, how to know if you should adjust your macros – and more!

  • How do I most accurately track food that does not have a label i.e. whole, real, natural foods?
  • How do I track food made in bulk?
  • How do I track food I make from complicated, multi-ingredient recipes?
  • How do I avoid playing “macro tetris” at the end of the day in order to hit my macro goals?
  • How do I increase variety in my food choices and still feel confident about hitting my macro goals?
  • How do I track restaurant eats?
  • How do I allow for my favorite treats without feeling guilty?
  • How I better use my favorite tracking app i.e. how do I know entries are the most accurate, how do I save and log meals I have on a regular basis, how do I save and log recipes?
  • How do I track alcohol correctly?
  • How do I track net carbs and should I be worried about net carbs or total carbs?
  • How do I fill my remaining macros for the day when I only have a few left over?
  • How do I make the most out of using My Fitness Pal or another tracking app of choice?
  • How do I stop being a short-order cook for the rest of my family while I follow a macro-based plan?
  • What do I prioritize when everything seems to fall out of routine with my day?
  • How do I manage to salvage the day when nothing seems to go according to plan i.e. which macros do I prioritize and which foods do I choose when I haven’t planned out my meal?

YES! I’ve found that participants who had a personalized set of macros set by my team of experienced registered dietitians were more successful with hitting their targets on a regular basis – and therefore reaping health, body composition and athletic performance benefits, faster. Each participant has an opportunity to receive a set of macro targets that are personally tailored to them.

If you have a set of macros provided by an online calculator or coach, you are more than welcome to use it during the Macros Made Easy course.

Macros Made Easy was made for the beginner tracker but can also serve as “continuing education” for more advanced trackers. We will answer all of your burning questions from planning meals for the week with macros in mind, eating out while sticking to your macro goals, how to know if you should adjust your macros – and more!

Macros Made Easy is offered as a course hosted on Facebook. The course is broken down into five major lessons that progress in detail as time goes on. At course launch, you will be invited to complete a brief health assessment so my team can set your macro targets for you. You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where we will move through course content together.

Macros Made Easy is hosted via private group on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account and do not wish to join for daily tips, accountability and community building with your course peers, this may not be the course for you.

Because you are given all of the content, strategies and training upon registration, we do not offer any refunds. There are occasions where we have allowed someone to delay their participation to a later LIVE course offering, for example, due to extenuating circumstances. However, we do not offer any type of refund, including partial refunds.

Nope! This course is designed to build and strengthen your skills in macro tracking. It is meant for anyone, beginners and veterans alike.

Each week you’ll be expected to participate in the following ways:

  • Read lesson material posted to the Macros Made Easy Facebook group
  • Read and engage with daily prompts in the Facebook group discussion feed
  • Always be positive and supportive of fellow participants in the course and help them when you can
  • Participate in the weekly “action items” which ensure your success in the course material
  • Ask all the questions you have about tracking macros, no matter how big or small
  • Provide feedback about your experience when prompted

Don't be stumped by macros any longer! Jump into Macros Made Easy course today and learn how to make this approach work for YOU!