Macros Made Easy Course


Macros Made Easy

a professionally led beginner’s Course to Stress free macro tracking


so, you’ve got your macro targets – now what?

stop wasting your time and energy trying to master macro tracking on your own – let me be your macro tracking guide!


This course is for you if:

+ You’re curious about how tracking macros could work for you but don’t really feel like trying (or don’t have the time) to figure it out on your own!

+ You’ve tried tracking macros on your own, but you haven’t been successful in hitting your targets for more than say, a week?  

+ You’re trying to hit your targets but you’re eating a ton more processed and packaged foods and you hate it!

+ You play “catch up” on certain macros at the end of the day, leaving you uncomfortably full and eating completely random sh*t (who wants to do that, seriously)!

+ You’re turning into a short order cook – making meals that fit your macro prescription while also cooking completely different meals for others in your household (such a time killer)!