are you stuck in analysis paralysis over which macro prescription you should follow?​

do you wish someone would give you realistic macro targets so you can stop making franken-meals out of egg whites and chicken breast just to hit your goals?

are you holding yourself back from being highly successful with macro tracking because you don’t believe your macro targets are right for you?​

getting macro targets isn’t a “one and done” practice. As your body composition goals, training demands or metabolism changes, your macro targets should, too — and my team can help you recalibrate.

what's included

Total calorie goals and macronutrient gram goals

Using your biometrics, health history, activity level, food preferences and more, I’ll create a “best fit” macro prescription for you.

Justification for your macro targets

I know we’re more likely to follow through with advice when we understand the reasoning, so I will walk you through how I determined your targets based on the background you provided.

Comments about your bigger health picture

I’ll mention if I see something standing in your way of being successful, such as stress, inflammation, gut health and hormone issues. This way the progress you make with your macros won’t be limited by other health factors.

Next steps and expectations

Banish uncertainty about how long to follow macro targets, how to measure progress and how to adjust when the unexpected happens to your routine. I’ll answer these questions and more in detail so you can move forward in confidence.

what's the process?

what happens after I get my macros?

what happens after
I get my macros?

I encourage you to invite consistency rather than demand perfection from yourself. If you can commit to being just 1% closer to your targets than you were yesterday, you can absolutely expect to look, feel and perform on track for your goals within weeks. With support from a team of Registered Dietitians, you can rest assured we approach everything with professionalism—not just pseudo Instagram credentials.


After payment, you will receive a link to fill out a detailed assessment titled, “Personalized Macro Assessment”.  You will have the option to include recent progress pictures. 

Your personalized macro calculation will come by email from This purchase does not include virtual or telephonic consults.

Upon submission of the Personalized Macro Assessment, you will receive your macro prescription within 7 to 10 business days.

One-on-one coaching is highly individualized. Coaching cycles are 6 months in length and include: review and feedback on your current habits, health assessments and food diary, individualized plan development, virtual consultation, telephonic check-ins, plan evolution and adjustments according to your goals, weekly support, accountability and q/a as needed by messenger app. Apply to become a client here. 

The goal is always to be eating as much food as possible while seeing changes in your body shape or size. If you are not able to be as physically active as you typically are for an extended period of time, you may choose to increase your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). NEAT is all the activity that falls outside of formal exercise like walking, standing, and generally moving around throughout the day. Often, by increasing non-exercise activity, you are able to continue to see the intended changes you’d like to see in your body despite being less physically active through formal exercise. Team Emily does not recommend cutting calories or macros when you are temporarily less active than you typically are.

Typically, no change in macros is needed if you get sick or injured, or undergo surgery. Your main priority in these circumstances should be to eat an abundance of whole foods to support your metabolism and heal properly. It is best to follow your macro prescription as normal.

There are several “how to” guides for tracking macros available online. Consider some of Emily Field RDs resources as well for getting started. 

Emily Field RD + team need to know about your current or typical eating pattern. If you have macro targets set by a previous coach, program or calculator that you are either loosely or consistently hitting, please submit these numbers when prompted on the Assessment.Taking the time to log 2-3 typical days before submitting the assessment can be extremely helpful in creating “better fit” macro prescription.

The personalized macro calculation is not a meal plan service. Emily Field RD will not recommend specific foods or meals that you should be eating on a regular basis. You are encouraged to find foods that you enjoy and fit them into your prescribed macro goals. General macro meal planning resources will accompany the email with your personalized macro calculation. 

Refunds are honored for personalized macro calculations if you request one within 30 days of submitting payment and before submitting the Personalized Macro Assessment. Refunds will not be honored after submitting the Personalized Macro Assessment as Emily Field RD and team begin work on the calculation as soon as it is submitted.