are you ready to mute the noise and learn what really works for your body?
Hi, i'm Emily.
A registered dietitian and macros expert. I’ll teach you how to use a macro-based, balanced eating approach so you can

put an end to hangry show up with energy get lean, strong and fit stress less about eating  balance hormones and optimize metabolism leave the diet cycle behind

which option is right for you?


if you want personalized guidance from an expert dietitian


if you want to learn how to track macros the stress free way


if you want to know how much food is appropriate for you

my philosophy

Here, strong is beautiful. Calories are not to be feared, and neither are potatoes or pop tarts. Food is fuel, but it’s also an expression of your culture, a nod to your upbringing, and the way you show you care for your loved ones. Your worth is not wrapped up in the size of your pants or the number on the scale. You can love your body but also want to change it.

Are you ready to step into a world where you eat the yolks and never skip the guac? You’re in the right place. As a Registered Dietitian with a passion for sharing the magic of macros, I serve up the concise, no-fluff guidance that will help you set your targets, work toward your unique goals and feel liberated from nutrition prison once and for all.

curious about coaching?

I’m here to help you push the hard restart button on your nutrition beliefs so you can do what’s actually right for your body – and it usually starts with eating more!

This high touch, high support group coaching program is for women who want to get strong, be fit and feel lean. You’ll learn exactly how to eat to finally look like you work out.

we make macros easy

With a professional led, self-paced online course that teaches you how to track macros—the stress-free way. Learn how to eat for your unique needs so you can be in the driver’s seat of how you look, feel and perform without relying on a restrictive diet plan ever again.

self-paced modules

that bring macro tracking to life through cheat sheets, worksheets, over-the-shoulder screen share demonstrations and more. You’re going to feel like a macro master in no time!

lifetime access to content

so you can have a refresher whenever you need it—and access to future updates to the lessons and resources. (Yes, even when the price increases for new students!)

personalized macro targets

created specifically for you by a Registered Dietitian, not some online bot. Are you ready to be amazed by how easy and effective macro tracking can be?

let me set your macros

The custom macro calculation will take the guesswork out of how much you should be eating. My team of macro expert registered dietitians will take a deep-dive into your health history, food preferences and future goals to provide customized macro targets. The result is a more intuitive macro tracking experience for you.

eat more [not less] to get strong • be fit • feel lean • ditch deprivation + nonsense food rules
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client love

“Prior to tracking macros, I was skimping on calories, protein and healthy fats and didn’t know it. Now, I know exactly how to eat to support my activity level and goals.”

"I have a better mindset around weight and body size and a renewed acceptance of carbs.”

"I recover better from workouts and I am more in tune with my body. My skin looks amazing and my digestion finally feels like it is under control.”