cheat days are killing your progress

Here’s what we know: the tighter you stretch a rubber band, the harder it will snap back.⁣

Same goes with your eating habits: the more you restrict, the higher the likelihood you’ll overeat, overindulge, engage “f*ck it” mode. ⁣

If you find yourself saying things like:⁣
>> I will literally do anything to lose weight!⁣
>> I *have* to be good this week. ⁣
>> Eating healthy during the week is easy, but the wheels fall off on the weekends.⁣
>> I like to give myself a little break from my diet.⁣
>> I deserve a treat after being so good this week.⁣
>> Diet starts Monday!⁣

It’s super tough on your body to constantly swing from undereating to overeating. Not to mention, you’re probably not seeing much for real change in the way you feel, look and perform. Super frustrating! 😫⁣

The alternative?⁣

>> You don’t need a special occasion to eat your favorite foods⁣
>> No temptation to binge when no foods are off limits ⁣
>> Wake up refreshed on a Monday – without dread for the week ahead⁣
>> You don’t deserve a break from your eats because your diet isn’t torturous⁣
>> You’re feeling lean, getting strong and more fit as a result of fueling appropriately⁣

Food is neutral. It can’t be “good” or “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy”, “clean” or “dirty”. Sure, some foods provide more nutritional bang for your calorie and macro buck but other foods provide you more joy, satisfaction and pleasure. Both are essential to a rounded diet. ⁣

I want you to find the diet you like to eat, that serves a body you like to move in, that creates a body you like to live in. ⁣

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