macro manipulatable tacos

Meal planning around macros can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be! 

Start by understanding the key components to a meal. When you do, the sky is the limit in terms of creating balanced, macro-friendly eats that meet your needs. But don’t stop there! Manipulating the meal in terms of flavor, texture, and color plays to your personal preferences and keeps things interesting.

Pictured here are crisped corn tortillas + seasoned shredded pork + spicy jalapeno peppers + crunchy raw vegetables. But if you’re like me, you see tons of possibilities:

>> swap for a lower fat, higher protein option by using shredded chicken breast or white fish

>> swap for softer texture with flour tortillas or @sietefoods wraps

>> add more fat with sour cream, coconut cream, shredded cheese, avocado

>> add crunch with more raw vegetables, hard corn shell tortillas

>> add more carbohydrates with rice or beans, a bigger tortilla shell

>> add more heat in the protein seasoning, more hot peppers, hot sauce 

Understanding which foods deliver protein, fat and carbohydrates can make for balanced meals that meet your nutrient needs. Manipulating the flavors, textures, and color keeps things enjoyable so you don’t find yourself in a meal rut

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