active women needs carbs to get fit + strong

If there’s one controversial macro: carbs.
>> is low carb or high carb better?⁣⁣
>> should I carb cycle?⁣⁣
>> do I need to adjust carbs around my workouts?⁣⁣
>> are there carbs I should avoid?⁣⁣
>> which carbs pre and post workout?⁣⁣
First, let’s zoom out. ⁣

If you’re an active woman with goals to get lean + strong: you gotta be friends with carbs. ⁣⁣
It’s easy to spot when you’re undereating them: feel like you’re hitting a wall in your workouts? having trouble focusing at work? anxious, frantic or “buzzy” feeling? sluggish and slow recovery after exercise?⁣⁣
Your homework is to whip out your tracking app (my fav is Cronometer) log your food to the best of your abilities, and compare your average to the target recommended in my DIY Macros Guide. If you’re falling short, you know what you gotta do! ⁣⁣
Eat up buttercup.⁣⁣