two truths about carbs

Be ok with two truths!⁣

Do you find yourself searching for rules around your eating? Looking for a distinct list of foods that you can and can not have so you land on plans, programs or professionals who tout: ⁣

>> no white foods⁣
>> no carbs after 6 PM⁣
>> no fruit after noon⁣
>> no foods from bags or boxes⁣
>> no ingredients you can’t pronounce⁣
>> no refined carbs⁣
woof! so unnecessary!⁣

Ya’ll gotta be ok with two truths: you can get lean, strong + fit eating processed, packaged and refined carbohydrates; AND you can get lean, strong + fit eating real, whole food carbohydrates. ⁣

It doesn’t matter if you get carbohydrates from cereal + candy or if you get them from beans + berries. The way your body “reads” that food is the same after digestion and absorption. ⁣

You can, however, make those carb macros work harder for you by emphasizing meals with micronutrient and fiber rich whole foods.

Let’s use our budgeting analogy: money is money. Your dollar isn’t worth more if you buy 4 pairs of $25 shoes or 1 pair of $100 shoes. ⁣

However, a pair of $100 shoes might support your foot better, last longer and could be paired with many more outfits than that $25 pair. ⁣

>> Does it mean that the $25 pair won’t get you to where you want to be? Naw. It’s a shoe. It covers your foot and provides protection for walking. ⁣

>> Does it mean that you should never buy cheap shoes? No! I can think of a lot of reasons that warrant buying cheap shoes over expensive ones. ⁣

>> Does it mean you should create rules about what is cheap and what is expensive? Put a line down the middle and decide that no shoes under $XX belong on your foot? That’s arbitrary garbage – absolutely not. ⁣

So why do we do this with carbohydrates? ⁣

Eliminating cake, crackers and cookies is so unnecessary in the pursuit of getting lean + strong!