upgrade your pre-workout snack

Are you short circuiting your workouts because you’re afraid to eat more?⁣

Probably! ⁣It’s incredibly common in a carbo-o-phobic world!⁣

At worst? You’re not eating anything pre workout.⁣

At best? You heard that you should eat *something* before your workout, so you try to have a handful of crackers, piece of fruit, or a couple of rice cakes. ⁣

You’re an active, grown ass woman with high calorie needs. Your carbohydrate targets are likely 150, 175, even 200+ g per day, so tell me again why you’re still eating sad snacks?⁣

I know you look forward to that one hour a day. It’s your “me time”. It’s when you feel most like yourself. It’s your social hour and your power hour. But, if you’re dragging and can’t find that next gear because you’re undereating carbs, it’s a total bummer. Your whole day is just gonna be… off. ⁣

Wanna know a quick trick to finding your pre-workout carb sweet spot? Multiply your carbohydrate targets by .2-.25 which represents 20-25% of your daily needs. So, if your daily carb recommendation is 200 g, aim for 40-50 grams in your pre workout meal or snack. ⁣

Isn’t that a lot higher than what’s in your handful of crackers? or your 1/2 a banana? or plain rice cakes? I bet so!⁣

If you need some help figuring out your carbohydrate needs, download my free DIY Macros Guide.  I’ll walk you through finding your carbohydrate target based on your food preferences, age and health history. ⁣