are rice cakes diet food?

Ever classify rice cakes as a diet food? 

Rice cakes appear on lists of “allowed snacks” in hundreds of diet plans. “Ready to eat your arm off at 2 PM? Grab a rice cake and ignore your hunger!” or, “Just eat a rice cake when you really want Oreos!” 

Wut. You honestly want me to pretend that chalk is a proper substitute for America’s favorite cookie?

By themselves, rice cakes are basic and probably just fill a spot in the day where real food should be. But we’re not playing small anymore and you can have a completely different relationship with them now. 

Here are some ways that to foster a new romance with rice cakes and make for a more filling, satiating snack:

>> with hummus + turkey slices 

>> with cream cheese + smoked salmon 

>> with almond butter + dried fruit 

>> with smashed avocado + fried egg 

>> with mustard + ham + pickles chips

In my opinion, rice cakes are no longer diet food! And they do not have to make for a boring snack. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your rice cake combos.

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