pfc balanced meal

You know I love a good macro-manipulatable meal

Whether or not you’re tracking macros, it helps if you’ve got a few simple and delicious meals you can throw together any time. Bonus points if they are easily “manipulatable” so you can dial up and down the protein, fat and carbohydrate containing foods to meet your macro targets by the end of the day.⁣

So how do you make more macro-manipulatable meals?⁣

  • shop for whole food ingredients vs. mixed dishes that you can’t change the quantity of the ingredients⁣
  • stock a few of choices for each dominant macro because no one likes to be stuck with just one or two choices for carb-rich side dishes, or one non-versatile type of fat to pair in your meals⁣
  • do minimalist food prep by cooking proteins and starches ahead of time so you can pair together just before meal time ⁣

Tracking macros is not about eating the same thing every day. It’s about eating what you want, influenced by your mood, your preference, or even what’s on sale at the grocery store. Chances are, you’ve seen my macro-manipulatable meals on IG stories – my throw-everything-in-a-bowl situations!⁣

Pictured here is a fairly macro-balanced meal with some protein, fat and carbohydrate. I could change the protein content by dialing up and down the flank steak. I could change the fat content by dialing up and down the pesto. I could choose to change the carb content by dialing up and down the sorghum. The possibilities are endless for what I could add – boosting carbs with grilled fruit and candied nuts, boosting fat with olives and oil-based dressing. I hope YOU also see endless possibilities when you’re faced with macro-manipulateable meals.

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