eat more to get lean + strong

Whether you’re new here or you’ve been here awhile, you’re going to hear me say “eat more” as a solution to 99 problems. ⁣

That’s because most of you need more fuel (read: more calories) to get lean and strong. But the “eat more” recommendation could also mean: ⁣

>> Eat more protein. you need protein to support and maintain and gain lean muscle mass. More muscle = a higher metabolism and a leaner physique.⁣

>> Eat more whole, real foods. Real food in its least processed form has more vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and this is what your body uses to run every metabolic function each day!⁣⁣

>> Eat more carbohydrates. Carbs are “muscle sparing” meaning when you have enough carbs to use as fuel your body won’t be forced look for alternative sources – like protein from lean muscle tissue after physical activity. ⁣

>> Eat more balanced meals. Balanced blood sugar = happy hormones. And hormones rule fat loss. Avoiding dramatic swings in blood sugar better supports healthy hormones production and has better outcomes for fat loss.⁣

>> Eat more throughout the day. Eating every 3-4 hours is great for hormones health and for blood sugar control. It also helps you get in more fuel throughout the day so you don’t need (or want) to overeat because your appetite is out of control.⁣

>> Eat more total calories. I can guess that most of you have been dieting for quite some time (like years and months), but you cannot diet forever. Taking a break from dieting to eat at maintenance is a powerful tool to get leaner and stronger. ⁣

So, the next time you hear me say “eat more” think of this post because any of thee bullets could be applicable to you. ⁣

And if you need helping know exactly how much food is right for you or what ‘eating more’ might actually look like, check out my DIY Macros Guide or get a Custom Macro Calculation to figure it out!

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