eat more to lose fat

I don’t mean to be facetious when I say, eat more and lose fat! In fact, this exact message takes several different forms in my coaching practice. ⁣

>> eat more whole food fats to stay full and satisfied after meals ⁣
>> eat more protein to support your metabolism, lean muscle and strength gains⁣
>> eat more non-starchy, high volume foods for fiber, vitamins, and minerals⁣
>> eat more calories to improve hormone production⁣
>> eat more texture and variety for pleasure⁣
>> eat more carbohydrates to get more out of your athletic performance and recovery⁣
>> eat more macro-balanced to prevent blood sugar high highs and low lows⁣

Taken together, the sentiment to “eat more” takes on a whole new meaning that DOES support fat loss via all these mechanisms. Remember, if you enjoy how you eat – feel full, satisfied and energized on a regular basis, you will continue to eat in that same pattern consistently. Forget total calories and macros for a sec: simply eating the menu on the right more often will produce fat loss results far more quickly. Instagram post from @meomeix .

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