how do macros compare to common dieting approaches?

Shots fired 🔫⁣

One of the reasons why I am so passionate about using a macros approach with clients is because it’s literally just the manual on how your body works. ⁣

No games. ⁣
No gimmicks.⁣

Other dieting approaches keep you confused about how your body works which leaves you thinking something is wrong with *you* if the results don’t come as promised. They keep you confused to keep you hooked. ⁣

Macros are nutrition 101. No matter how you choose to eat, all foods contain protein, fat and carbohydrates which are utilized in the body the same way. So while alternative plans and programs might touch on this, it’s likely through a backdoor, around the corner, down the street way. ⁣

To keep you confused, hooked, and blaming yourself when it doesn’t work – setting you up to invest in a shiny new next-best-alternative when that happens. ⁣

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