I’m tracking macros and not seeing results: a starter kit

Not seeing results from tracking macros?⁣

My guess is that you’re guilty of a few of these on this list! Don’t fret tho, the changes are small and they can make all the difference. ⁣

Here are some key pillars to a mindful macros approach:⁣

>> You are not meant to fit your macros, your macros are meant to fit you. If you’re constantly battling your targets – you’ll never be consistent. Let’s reevaluate how they feel for you!⁣

>> Seeing results likely requires 80% consistency for months and months, not 100% for just a few days. You don’t have a problem with starting, you have a problem with not stopping.⁣

>> You can’t live in a fat loss phase/calorie deficit forever. If you’ve been striving for weight loss for years and years, try something different, like eating enough (not drastically less).⁣

>> Eat whole, real foods over refined, processed and packaged products to reap more nutritional bang for your macro buck. Plus, food companies get away with significant rounding on nutrition labels – that adds up over time.⁣

>> Work to uncover your “gray area” with your eating habits. It’s impossible to hit your macros perfectly 100% of the time, but there’s a wide gap between that and eating like you don’t give a $hit – let’s figure that out and reset your default habits. ⁣

I want you to be successful with this approach – and I know you can be. Let’s get honest and figure out where you might need to push down or let up on the gas pedal – or where we need to take hard left turn altogether. ⁣

learn how to track macros - the stress free way!