how undereating can cause body fat gain: Jane’s story

If there’s one thing you take away from Jayne’s story, it’s that slashing calories is not the answer. ⁣

And if you’ve already done it once, plzzzzz don’t continue to try and do it again and again and again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ⁣

Read on:⁣

Jayne is starting over on her weight loss journey in a worse place that she was before because she lost muscle mass by focusing on calories and cardio over macros and strength training. ⁣

Muscle burns more calories than fat. Less muscle = less calories burned = lower metabolism. ⁣

Jayne might find that committing 1400 calories *could* produce some weight loss, but it’s likely that she’ll have to drop them even lower to see any significant movement. You tell me how miserable and unsustainable that sounds 😅⁣

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. What Jayne really wanted was to lose weight from her belly – extra body fat. She wanted to be leaner, feel more comfortable in her skin. In an alternative universe, Jayne would have been doing everything in her power to maintain (or build!) lean muscle mass while losing fat which would increase her metabolism and get her looking and feeling more svelte. ⁣

Ok, cool, Emily, I totally see myself in Jayne’s story – where do I start?⁣

You master macros, optimize metabolism and shift your mindset.⁣

You do it through coaching. 

My coaching services – group or individual – are for women who want to get stronger, feel leaner and be confident they’re eating enough to fuel their active life.⁣

This is for you if you are guilty of “pulling a Jayne” and need support in losing weight in a different, dare I say, enjoyable way that supports your metabolism and hormones. ⁣

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