Let’s take the mystery out of macros so women can feel better than ever -

lean, strong and powerful

lean, strong, and powerful

Tell me, which of these describes your current nutrition dilemma?

  • Is it possible to eat without anxiety? Every choice seems it’s either “good” or “bad”.
  • You’re totally down for eating more in order to see gains in lean muscle - but how much more?
  • Eating less and moving more worked well for awhile! Until it just… didn’t. Is the only way to see results to keep restricting?
  • You suspect that something is up with your hormones. Your period is wonky, tossing and turning at night, and you’re struggling with a daily mid-afternoon energy crash.
  • Your motivation to stick to “clean eating” is fleeting. You’ve come to expect cravings and it’s hit or miss if you’re disciplined enough to avoid eating #allthethings.

Now, brace yourself: All of these struggles have the same solution. Free + Fueled Coaching is that solution.

i want you to imagine what it will be like​

i want you to imagine
what it will be like

To eat without first having mental battle and debate over what’s on your plate

To sleep soundly through the whole night and wake with energy

To know what foods really work for your body - no more googling answers for your seemingly random symptoms

To stop passing up experiences because they will interrupt your strict routine

To not have to explain a new set of dietary restrictions to friends and family

To feel confident that your calories are purposefully supporting your hormones and metabolism

To make real, measurable progress in the gym

To see your face clear up, digestion improve, energy soar, and sex drive return for good

To stop handing control to an imaginary “calories remaining” countdown clock

To go to bed on Sunday without berating yourself for another cheat day

To feel like exercise is fun, enjoyable , and empowering, not just an essential for weight control

why free + fueled coaching?

why free + fueled

Most of us have a hard time thinking of a “diet” as anything other than a restrictive eating plan. If you grew up watching Mom try everything from Weight Watchers to South Beach to Atkins, I bet the conversation around food in your home was always tied to weight.

That was also reflected on every TV channel and magazine cover. Because what did Carrie Bradshaw, Rachel Green, and Kelly Kapowski have in common besides great hair and never-ending problems with men?

Their slender physique.

If you grew up hearing these messages, watching these women, attempting to change your body weight or size, I promise that your understanding of how much you need to eat is extremely warped. I’m here to help you push the hard restart button on your nutrition beliefs so you can do what’s actually right for your hormones, metabolism and unique body – and it usually starts with eating more!

“Before tracking macros, I always felt like I had to earn the right to eat every day. Thoughts like, ‘I didn’t workout today, so I really shouldn’t eat much’ were constantly in my head. Working with Emily and learning how to track macros has changed that mindset around.”

Emily T. is an endurance athlete who went from eating <1500 calories per day to 2200+ calories per day while losing body fat, gaining lean muscle and improving her performance in long-distance races.

“Eating more is helping me to be a better person overall—fewer mood swings! I recover better from workouts and I am more in tune with my body. My skin looks amazing and my digestion finally feels like it is under control.”

Tara R. is a nutrition professional who felt like she needed to enlist the help of a colleague to help her get out of her own way. Tara eats 1.5X what she used to and has maintained her weight while losing body fat and gaining lean muscle.

What’s different about this coaching program?​

what's different about
this coaching program?

By partnering with me and my team for coaching, you will learn how to eat a balanced diet using a macros approach. We’ll work together to tailor your macronutrient targets to improve your hormones, support your metabolism and achieve your best body composition. 

And, let’s be real here, we’re not just prescribing you some “macro plan” and sending you on your way. You can count on your coach to dig way beneath the surface by looking at your greater health picture, which includes your adrenal, thyroid and micronutrient status. Because, believe me, your body is as unique as your goals—and I know the importance of considering your stress levels, sleep habits and gut health in order to get the results you deserve.

We specialize in 

  • The reverse dieting strategy out of long-term undereating and overtraining
  • Taking an individualized approach for the purpose of normalizing hormones and metabolism
  • Creating sustainable, stress-free fat loss plans
  • Support training for endurance and strength athletes

the process

Step 1. Deep Dive into Personal Assessments + Hormone Testing

Step 2. Development of Personalized Plan

Step 3. Virtual Initial Consultation + Review of Personalized Plan

Step 4. Application of the Recommendations 

Step 5. Ongoing Guidance, Support, Telephonic Coaching Conversations

Step 6. Graduate Coaching

Step 7. Enroll in the Macros Membership

what happens at cycle end

Because we start by looking at your health “beneath the surface” with hormone testing and extensive assessments, you will have a greater understanding of what to eat and why it’s best for you at the end of our work together. Remember, this is anything but a if-it-fits-your-macros, cookie cutter plan – it’s a unique-to-your body and your learning style approach. 

The confident, strong and macro-master you will be six months from now will have trouble remembering what it was like to avoid social events simply because you were too anxious about straying from your diet. You’ll be free of the binge-shame-restrict-repeat cycle. You’ll realize you haven’t felt the urge to “start over on Monday” or “reign it in” after “being bad” in who knows how long! In fact, these words aren’t even in your vocabulary anymore. 

As you grow through coaching, you’ll become empowered to make smart decisions about your nutrition. You’ll better understand the signs and signals that your body is giving you and know exactly how to honor them. 

If I have your focus and commitment for six months, you will be transformed into someone who is able to tackle your main health, body composition and athletic performance concerns. Should we decide that you’d thrive with a little additional support at the end of our cycle, you’re invited to remain a part of the Macro Membership. As a member, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned through coaching, continue to track your macros as you see fit for your lifestyle while leaning on me to troubleshoot should you need it. Macro Members enjoy exclusive access to products and services not readily available to the public, guest expert interviews, live Q/A sessions, and access to fresh, new macro-balanced whole food recipes each month.

“Before tracking macros, I was eating healthy: whole fruits and veggies, lean protein, a treat on occasion. However, I honestly didn’t realize how little I was eating overall because I wasn’t really hungry. She helped me eat more on a consistent basis. I am finally feeling hunger cues when I should be!”

Melissa H. found that when she got her nutrition right, not only did her body composition improve, but her energy, sleep, and athletic performance as well.

"I'm most proud of learning to step back from the discouragement I feel when I don't see the scale moving. While I did lose almost 10 pounds in three months, my body shape completely changed as I trimmed 2 or more inches from most of my measurements. I learned to eat more of the right things and how to ditch foods that weren’t serving me. I gained a ton of knowledge about how to manage my food, create my own meal plan that takes the guesswork out of eating."

Since graduating coaching, Heather H. confidently creates her own meal plan now that understands flexible dieting basics. As her goals shift and change, she knows how to employ the right nutrition strategies to match.

here's what's included in coaching

here's what's included
in coaching

An expert coach will consolidate your food diary and health assessments against your goals to create a vision for our six months of work together. We’ll teach you how to adopt a macro-based balanced eating approach and apply it to any eating situation to which you find yourself so you’re always in the driver’s seat of how you feel—satisfied after meals, stable in mood, focused and energized.

Far more detailed than a weekly weigh-in, your coach will ask you to reflect on your sleep, stress, digestion and other variables that absolutely impact your progress—and that can be influenced by targeted food and nutrition strategies. This is where we use feedback to refine your calorie and macronutrient intake as well.

Ever want to have a nutritionist in your back pocket for quick questions, menu reviews, or myth busting? Now you can!

Are you ready to get off the diet hamster wheel, ditch restriction and nonsense food rules to find out what really works for you?

meet your coach

Emily Field

Emily will tell you she used to substitute margarine for butter, blotted the oil off on her pizza and skipped the guacamole. She told herself frozen Healthy Choice meals were enough to satisfy and FiberOne bars didn’t taste like cardboard. It wasn’t until a total meltdown over her family’s “bad for you” banana bread recipe that she realized she needed a big wake-up call around her relationship with food.

Even as a practicing Registered Dietitian on her way to a Master’s degree, she realized her own eating approach wasn’t working. She was hungry, cranky, unmotivated, bloated, puffy, and only 23 years old!

It was with Crossfit that Emily first learned about the concept of tracking macronutrients. Macros was associated with sentiments like “drop weight fast!”, “eat whatever you want if it fits your macros”,  and “shred fat and get ripped!” which was hardly appealing to her, let alone the average gym-goer. Emily set out to put a “real world touch” this bro-science nutrition approach using her professional training. She’s committed to helping her clients feel, look and perform at their personal best by using a macros-based approach.