A high touch, high support group coaching program for women who want to get strong, be fit and feel lean without sacrificing food freedom and flexibility

let's dive into the details

you've mastered the basics

but there's still room for more clarity - more personalization for your particular goals so move past the basics with ​

tell me, do any of these describe your current nutrition dilemma?


You’re not sure if you need more or less discipline. You have a vision for your body and fitness but getting there seems like more work than you’re willing to put in. Is it possible to strike a balance?


You can’t really remember a time when you didn’t have that mid-afternoon energy crash. A good night's sleep - where’s she been? Motivation to stick to eating clean is fleeting and you’ve come to expect cravings.


You’re totally down for eating more in order to see lean muscle gains - but how much more? You wonder if you'll end up eating too much and gain unwanted body fat. You're unsure about how to actually measure progress.


You eat really great Monday-Thursday, but come Friday, the wheels fall off and you eat anything and everything all weekend because your willpower is at zero. It’s a vicious cycle of “starting over on Monday” every. single. week.


You see how much your fav Instagram influencer eats and think, “could I be undereating?” But quickly dismiss that though because that’s not possible. You still haven’t reached your goal weight.


You could pick apart any food and divide it into “good” or “bad” for one reason or another. Is it even possible to eat without anxiety? At one point, tracking macros felt completely freeing and it totally worked for you, but now it feels stressful. What gives?

all of these nutrition dilemmas have the same solution

i want you to imagine what it would be like...

to eat without first having a full mental debate about what’s on your plate​

to feel confident that what you eat is purposefully supporting your muscle gains, hormones and metabolism

to feel like exercise is fun, enjoyable, and empowering — not “means to an end” for weight control

to have the tools to navigate fad nutrition advice and breeze past claims coming from all directions about what you *should* do because instead, you’ve got a clear plan

to truly enjoy eating out and going on vacation because you know you can eat the foods you love without food guilt

to feel confident in making changes to your macros for different goals – because after all, you can’t diet forever (nor would you want to!)

led by Emily Field RD (that’s me!), the Eat to Lean Coaching team has the experience and proven results to make that all possible for you.

why eat to lean group coaching:

Most of us have a hard time thinking of a “diet” as anything other than a restrictive eating plan designed for weight loss.

Growing up we heard about fad diet programs constantly and we see slender physiques celebrated on every magazine cover. After all, what did Carrie Bradshaw, Rachel Green, and Kelly Kapowski have in common besides great hair and never-ending problems with men?

Their thin figures that weren’t exactly designed to support strength gains in the gym.

here's the thing:

If you grew up absorbing these messages, your understanding of how much you need to eat is extremely warped.

I’m here to help you push the hard restart button on your nutrition beliefs so you can do what’s actually right for your hormones, metabolism and unique body – and it usually starts with eating more!

And, you can do it alongside 35-40 other women, who are in the exact same shoes as you are. They have the same struggles. They’ve been on the same diets. They know exactly how you are feeling and want the same results you do.

what people are saying...


success formula

what's different about this coaching program?

In Eat to Lean Coaching, I won’t just prescribe you some “macro plan” and send you on your way. You can count on the coaching team to dig way beneath the surface. We’ll look at your greater physical health picture, because your body is as unique as your goals—and I know the importance of considering your mindset, stress levels, sleep habits and more, in order to get the results you deserve. Equally important, we’ll hack your habits and tendencies to set process goals that you can’t actually fail.

And don’t forget, Eat to Lean is a group coaching program. Rather than working through nutrition, exercise and mindset changes alone, you get to do it alongside 35-40 other women who are in your exact shoes. Camaraderie and accountability are two of the best tools for success.


coaching team specializes in:

the strategy of “reverse dieting” to break free from undereating and overtraining and finally eat enough to support your body

taking an individualized approach for the purpose of improving metabolism from all kinds of angles

creating predictable, painless and stress-free fat loss plans

helping you create your personal “nutrition grey area” so you can feel confident in reaching your goals while still enjoying the foods (or drinks) that you love

showing you all the ways to measure progress because after all, it scale weight doesn't measure fat loss, lean muscle gain or metabolism improvement

your investment is $1675 pay in full or 4 equal payments of $460 if you prefer to split the payment over our time together


– pay in full –



– payment plan –

here's what you get

  • custom macro targets and adjustments
  • 4 months of weekly check-ins
  • bi-weekly group coaching calls (8)
  • access to Eat to Lean private portal
  • access to Macros Made Easy portal
  • access to Cronometer gold
  • 16-week progressive overload strength training program

learn more below

here's what's included and why

custom macro targets

Custom macro targets set by me, Emily, and my experienced team of Registered Dietitians. We’ll take your health history, goals and personal preferences into account to make sure the prescription feels unique to you and easy to hit – because if you don’t like the way you eat, you won’t be successful with a macros approach long enough to see change.

weekly check-ins for 4 months

Weekly check-ins with a coach via a digital form to report highs and lows about your week. This is where macro adjustments are made, if necessary, after reviewing objective and subjective data. This is also the place where you can ask for feedback, overcome challenges and move past sticky points that pop up when you’re attempting to change your habits. Accountability is the missing piece for many people, so having check-ins will be an integral part of your success.

Q/A & support opportunities

Q/A and support opportunities via virtual calls hosted on Zoom, and in our Better portal group chat. Submit your questions regarding macros, health or nutrition and attend a live discussion to learn the answers. The Q/A call schedule will be released upon enrollment, but plan for one virtual call every other Tuesday, or 8 total in our 4 months together. In addition, you’ll always have a place to go for support, accountability, and comradery via the group chat.

access to macros made easy

Access to Macros Made Easy, my signature skill-building course that teaches you how to track macros. Those who enroll in Eat to Lean typically have experience with tracking already, or are experience trackers. However, that doesn’t mean questions and sticky spots don’t still come up. That’s where MME comes in! You are welcome to look through the course material at anytime, but you will typically see me linking to specific lessons in your weekly coaching notes. I’ll do this when I think you would benefit from specific content in the course to help you get past trouble spots with tracking.

access to cronometer gold

Access to Cronometer Gold, so you can have more detail in your tracking diary. The free version of Cronometer is great and I often recommend it, however, the Gold version gives you access to time stamps on your entries and the ability to log food by meal or snack, among other added features. You’ll get access to this upgraded version for free and will be able to share your diary with me as well.

16-week strength training program

A 16-week progressive overload strength training program from my colleague, Mark Breedon. Mark is a certified personal trainer with advanced degrees in strength and conditioning, and he’s created an at-home and gym version of this strength program. Although strength training might seem foreign to you right now, we’ll spend time during Eat to Lean discussing why progressive overload strength training is key for body composition change. And because I feel so strong about this, I want you to have access to workouts as part of the program.

here's what happens when you enroll...


fill out the Health Assessment so my team and I can get started on your custom macro targets, also called your “macro prescription”


get your Personalized Plan which will include your macro prescription along with other top priorities that we recommend focusing on during the program


attend the welcome call with the rest of your group, get logged into the membership area, and start tracking with your new prescription


complete weekly check-ins over 16 weeks and apply the recommendations from Emily Field RD and E2L team to your life - leading to insane growth


get ongoing guidance, support and group coaching every other week during group coaching calls via Zoom


graduate coaching (or choose to re-enroll!)

a typical journey for an

client looks like this


You’ll get your custom macro targets and start eating (usually more) to see the changes you want to see in your body. You’ll identify an effective training program to put those calories to work in building your best shape!

This is a foundation phase.


You’ll master your macros and eat enough on a regular basis to support changes in body composition. Learn which lifestyle habits lead to lean muscle gain and fat loss, and exactly how to make measurable improvements in this area. Resolve any hormonal issues that might be standing in your way of seeing results.

This is a build phase.


We’ll adjust calories and macros slightly to see definition in your shape, but not so much that you risk metabolic or hormonal disaster (this is key!) We’ll also make a plan for future macro adjustments so you understand exactly when and how to maintain your results.

This is a cut phase.

is for you if:

you can see yourself tracking macros with detail most days of the week for 16 weeks – same for travel, holidays, planned days off. Even better if you are excited about the approach!

you can see yourself checking in with coaches each week to receive feedback about your eating habits and health behaviors. We can’t help you if we don’t know what’s going on!

you are willing to alter your activity, within reason, to see body composition changes (lean muscle gain and fat loss). Eat to Lean includes a 16 week progressive overload strength protocol if you’re looking for a program to complement your nutrition.

you are willing to embrace the group aspects of the program by participating in group coaching calls and leaning into group chat communications.

you understand that growth happens when you share your struggles and triumphs, provide feedback and perspective for others in your cohort.

you understand that results take time, developing habits is key to see change and that you will likely not see drastic weight loss with this program.

you are open to learning and adjusting the way you think about exercise and nutrition, and may need to accept that some of the nutrition information you thought was true, is no longer serving you.

is NOT for you if:

you’re looking for a quick fix to change your body or weight

you are not willing to track macros for at least the majority of our time together

you don’t thrive in a group setting or prefer only one-on-one attention/coaching.

you are not open to learning or adjusting the way you think about exercise or nutrition.

you’re not willing to get some “tough love” or constructive criticism (even if you really need to hear it).

you only care about the number on the scale and are unwilling to use other metrics to track your progress, like body measurements, progress photos, gym performance, energy levels, sleep, etc.

“You can trust Emily. She’s a professional and has the right combination of seeking to understand where you are coming from with the ability to nudge, push and challenge you in the right area(s) that will lead to an overall better you once you decide to exit the program.”

your investment is $1675 pay in full or 4 equal payments of $460 if you prefer to split the payment over our time together


– pay in full –



– payment plan –

frequently asked questions

Eat to Lean is one payment of $1675 or 4 equal payments of $460 if you prefer to split the cost over 4 months. 

Yes! My team of macro-expert registered dietitians and I will provide you with a set of custom macros called your “macro prescription”. You’ll also get adjustments to this macro prescription during your weekly check-ins. 

In order to get the most out of the program, it’s best if you have at least some experience tracking macros before you start.

If you don’t, you may spend a majority of the 4 months learning how to track macros, and might not get the full value of the course content and coaching. If you’ve never tracked macros before, I recommend starting with my macros skill-building course, Macros Made Easy, first.

That said, I do accept someone who has never tracked before into E2L. If you feel strongly about joining E2L even though you’ve never tracked, I encourage you to apply or get on the waitlist, and I will assess your application to determine if E2L is the right fit for you so you can be highly successful!

During Eat to Lean you will access content in two places: Practice Better and Kartra.

Practice Better is secure electronic health record platform and is used for private communication with your coach, billing and group chat. 

Kartra is a course hosting platform that is used to house all of the relevant content that will support your learning of complex concepts during our time together. 

Group coaching calls are held every other Tuesday at 7 pm central time. You can attend either call time as the information is the same.

All calls are recorded so if you cannot be there live, you’ll be sent the recording within 48 hours. 

We will cover 8 major topics (or modules) over the course of 16 weeks. We spend 2 weeks on each topic. Those modules include the following: 

  • Macro Phasing: In this module you’ll learn why you can’t stay in a calorie deficit forever! We’ll discuss the science behind eating enough and setting up your metabolism for fat loss + lean muscle gain. 
  • Eating for Balanced Blood Sugar: In this module you’ll learn the importance of eating mostly real, whole foods (versus processed and packaged foods), and how that impacts your blood sugar levels. We’ll dive into creating balanced meals that keep blood sugar steady AND help you hit your macros more consistently.
  • Habit and Behavior Change/Goal Setting: This module dives into the difference between setting process goals vs. outcome based goals and why the type of goals you set matters for ultimate success.
  • Exercise for Fat Loss: In this module we’ll discuss what progressive overload is and how to identify an effective training program to achieve lean, strong + fit physique
  • All About Alcohol: We’ll chat through alcohol’s impact on metabolism and fat loss, and help you develop a realistic plan for alcohol use
  • Body Image: In this module we’ll talk about how to cultivate a healthy body image and self esteem as it relates to body change.
  • Minerals: this module covers the importance of minerals for metabolism and hormonal support. We’ll also talk about how to replete mineral stores so you can feel your best!
  • Stress: This module covers how stress impacts metabolism, and ultimately body composition change. We’ll also cover practices for great stress management and resiliency.

After your 4 month cycle ends, you’ll have three options:

Re-Enroll in Eat to Lean coaching and keep your momentum going for another 16 weeks. If you’ve loved the group coaching aspects of the program and accountability that comes with weekly check-ins, you might not want to stop! This option is best for someone who has goals to lose more than 20 lbs, or more complicated health issues that require more extensive healing time.

Join Macro Membership. This option is best for people who feel like they want a “tether” to Emily Field RD and the coaching team, but don’t need as much support as they did during the program. Instead of weekly check-ins, members get monthly check-ins for coaching, macro adjustments, data analysis and resources as long as they need. 

Offboard from Eat to Lean. For the person who feels confident to take things completely on their own, we want to see you graduate! Before offboarding, you’ll have a plan to finish out the macro phase you’re in and understand what to do in the future to make adjustments to accommodate new goals. Retain access to both E2L and MME portals after graduation. 

E2L is 4 months or 16 weeks. However, even after you complete the program, you get to keep access to the online membership site in Kartra with all the course contents, as well as to the Better portal which houses all of your coaching notes and recommendations. 

You can expect to commit about 1-2 hours of time each week. Here’s an estimate of where that time will go:

  • 1 hour attending the group coaching call or watching the replay every other week, plus 15-20 minutes of prep time for those calls 
  • ~20-30 minutes each week completing the check-in form to check in with me and my team. This could be more or less time depending on how much detail you want to give.
  • ~1 hour across two weeks where you are reviewing and studying the module content. There are 8 modules covered during the 16 week program so you have 2 weeks per module to review that info.
  • ~20-30 minutes reviewing additional resources or modules in my Macros Made Easy course if I think you would benefit from. These suggestions would be provided during your weekly check-ins, however, I may not provide you withl additional homework every time you check-in.
  • ~10-20 minutes most days to complete tracking in your food tracking app. If you are an experienced tracker, this will be on the lower end, and if you are newer to tracking, this might be on the higher end.

If you’re looking for a very cookie-cutter step-by-step program experience where you are guaranteed outcomes by following exact instructions – Eat to Lean is not for you.

Most graduates of Eat to Lean have some common traits and characteristics that developed as a result of the program and those are outlined below. Ultimately, however, if you remain genuinely curious about what your outcomes might be in this program, then you cannot fail because the sky is the limit on what you can achieve from a physical and mental perspective.

The following outcomes/successes are common in Eat to Lean:

  • Better relationship with food as evidenced by lowered anxiety and perfectionism around food and eating. 
  • Improved body image as evidenced by less preoccupation with appearance and body.
  • More confidence in phasing your nutrition over time for different goals 
  • Eating more, more consistently which leads to improved metabolism, better body composition and 
  • Eating more protein which leads to better energy, improved sleep, increased power in the gym, full recovery from workouts, lean muscle gain and fat loss. 
  • Changes in body composition – more muscle and/or less body fat 
  • Increased metabolism as evidenced by maintaining or losing weight while eating the same amount or more than you are right now.

about me

Hi, I’m Emily! And I have been exactly where you are.

Active and strong, but no muscle definition to show for it.

At a healthy weight, but carrying more body fat than I was comfortable with.

I used to substitute margarine for butter, blotted the oil off my pizza and skipped the guacamole.

I told myself frozen Healthy Choice meals were enough to satisfy and FiberOne bars didn’t taste like cardboard.

It wasn’t until a total meltdown over my family’s “bad for you” banana bread recipe that I realized I needed a big wake-up call around my relationship with food.

Even as a practicing Registered Dietitian on my way to a Master’s degree, I was hungry, cranky, unmotivated, bloated, puffy, and only 23 years old! And for what? The right to diss some banana bread? No thanks.

It wasn’t until I started focusing on macronutrients that I completely turned my relationship with food around and that I started seeing changes in the way I felt, looked, and performed.

Now, I effortlessly maintain a weight, body shape and size that I am confident with—I feel amazing in my skin! I understand how to intuitively eat to my macronutrient needs without tracking every day and I have incredible flexibility with my food choices.

All this is possible for you, too.

I’m committed to helping you feel, look and perform at your personal best by using a macros-based approach.