you can lose weight without resistance training, but…

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Building muscle is the key to increasing your metabolism, burning fat, and changing your figure so why the:⁣⁣
>> hyper focus on the scale⁣⁣
>> slash and burn on your calories⁣⁣
>> cardio and no weights⁣⁣
Look, you might (read: can) lose weight without resistance training but what’s the point if you’re still not feelin’ yourself? You thought that weight loss would deliver the strong, curvy physique but it didn’t – you’re tired, hangry AND flat.⁣⁣
When you lose scale weight it can be from water, muscle or fat. If you’re slashing your calories and ONLY focusing on the scale, that “weight” you’re losing is likely some water weight first and then muscle mass the longer you keep your calories low. ⁣

Oh and bonus – your metabolism is now in a worse place because the less muscle you’ve got the lower your metabolic rate. ⁣⁣

So then, when you start to increase your calories because you simpley *can’t* eat so little any more (inevitable) you’ll gain what you lost, and then some. It’s a truly dismal cycle. ⁣
In order to get that lean, toned and fit physique, you’ll want that “weight loss” to come from body fat which means you should do eVeRyThInG we can to maintain (and build) lean muscle mass.⁣⁣
Enter: resistance/strength training. Resistance and strength training help you maintain the muscle mass you have, and if you’re eating enough and following great programming, you’ll also build more lean muscle. You know that “toned” look you’re chasing, it’s muscles, bb. ⁣⁣
If you have goals to look lean, toned or fit, it’s time to shift your mindset from cardio to strength 💪 ⁣⁣

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