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Macro tracking can be the solution for anyone who ever felt nutrition was too complicated—but understand it requires building up your knowledge base. My best macro resources can help you get up-to-speed on all things macros, including how to confidently create balanced meals and snacks, where to start with calculating your own macro targets and more.

I believe that simpler is better when it comes to nutrition. By focusing on eating whole, real foods to hit your personalized macro targets, you will be well on your way to achieving your health, body composition and athletic performance goals.

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what does a “macro balanced” eating pattern look like, really?

Calorie and macro needs are as unique as you are so if you ready to stop with this one-foot-in-one-foot-out dance you’re doing with macro tracking - go to an expert.

What a Macro Tracking Dietitian Eats in A Day

Just like how I’d teach my clients, I aim to eat macro based, balanced meals. This framework means I am enjoying a meal with a sizeable portion of protein, fat and carbohydrates from whole, real foods.

Meal Planning Tips

Peep these top tips for meal planning around macros! TIP 1. Break up your daily macro totals into smaller checkpoints. Take your total macros for the whole day and divide by how many meals you typically like to have – maybe 3, 4, even up to 6 meals per day. These numbers represent “checkpoints” in …


Getting Started with Tracking Macros

You’ve heard me talk about “tracking your macros” and want to get started right away – this one’s for you.


You’ve got macro targets to hit, but it’s like you’re playing tetris to get to your goals each day! If you’re new to macro tracking, it can feel like so much work and totally unsustainable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn my tips for how to meal plan while macro tracking so you can start eating for pleasure instead of for your prescription.


Stop bouncing from site to site and calculator to calculator! If the DIY macro calculator you're relying on is simply using your height, weight, age and sex to determine your needs — that's not the full picture! Steal the exact formula I use to calculate custom macros for my clients in my practice. They will likely leave you feeling fuller, more satisfied and energized because I’ll challenge you to look at a fuller health picture to determine your macro targets.

macros made easy course

Get access to Macros Made Easy, an online, self-paced course to get you from confused to confident about how much you need to eat to feel your absolute best. I’ll teach you how to win at macro grocery shopping, prepare balanced meals and enjoy the food you love, while hitting your macro targets each day.

Macros Made Easy is an online course that teaches you how to track macros—the stress-free way.

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