how undereating is preventing you from getting lean + strong

In case I didn’t make myself clear in my previous post >> undereating is holding you back from getting lean + strong!⁣

Keep reading to learn *how* that all works⁣.


Your body uses stored carbohydrates to power you through your workout. Once you’ve used up what’s available, your body looks for alternative sources of energy (typically amino acids from protein), for more fuel.

The type of workouts that you’re doing to develop lean muscle typically require “quick” fuel, and the process of breaking down muscle for fuel doesn’t happen quick enough, leading to that “no gas left in the tank” feeling during your workout.

Exercise makes tiny tears in the muscle fibers, and in that post workout rebuild, muscles grow. If there isn’t adequate carbs and protein available, you’re feeling inflamed and tender-to-the-touch sore feelings that last for days after your workout.

UNDEREATING sets you up for fat loss resistance

Lean muscle is the most “expensive” tissue you’ve got. When fuel stores are low, this is among the first to go. Think about a ship that’s sinking: you’re gonna dump the heaviest items from the ship first. It’s pretty hard to have a lean, strong physique without muscle on your frame.

Double whammy?

The less lean muscle on your frame, the lower your metabolism. You’re setting yourself up for fat loss resistance by undereating by way of a lower metabolism.

UNDEREATING sacrifices lean muscle for fuel

Carbohydrates are “muscle sparing”, meaning when your body has enough of them, it won’t draw fuel from muscle tissue to make up for overall low energy (think: sinking ship example above).

Alternatively, if there aren’t enough carbohydrates for fuel, your body will start breaking down muscle tissue so it can use amino acids for energy. so, in undereating your needs at best, you won’t gain lean muscle, but at worst, you will lose the stuff you’ve got.

UNDEREATING de-prioritizes non-essential functions

Keeping your heart beating, lungs breathing and brain firing are essential functions, and your body knows that available fuel needs to go to these functions to keep you alive (literally!)

But non-essential functions like digestive enzyme production take a back seat. Without enough enzymes to break your food down, gas, bloating, and other GI issues become common.

Sex hormone production is also non-essential and can mean period problems, skin issues, vitamin and mineral absorption issues, low sex drive, poor sleep, energy slumps or overall fatigue.

It’s tougher to develop a lean, strong physique without digestion, hormones, sleep and energy on point!

Do you struggle with any of these signs and symptoms? If so and you’re ready go make a change:⁣

1. Start by tracking your eats – but! resist the urge to change anything about your habits.⁣
2. Get at least a week under your belt (better if it’s more!)⁣
3. Compare your average protein, fat and carbohydrate consumption to the recommendations from my DIY Macros Guide. ⁣
4. If you’re REAL far off from the suggested calories and macros, make adjustments to your meals so you are eating closer and closer to your needs. ⁣

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