being silly vs smart about setting your macro targets

No it’s fine. I’ll get by on caffeine + zero cal energy drinks.⁣

Hoarding my macros for dinner so I can enjoy a meal with my friends!⁣

Doesn’t everyone fantasize about their next meal?⁣

It’s 3 PM and I hit my macro targets already. I don’t need to eat until breakfast tomorrow – willpower and discipline, baby. ⁣

…ummm, wut?⁣

Look, I know you want to see changes in the way you look and feel like *yesterday* but that’s still no reason to set your macro targets so low you start sounding like ^^ that person. ⁣

And, please, you know and I know it sounds so damn lame. ⁣

Words like:⁣
>> consistency⁣
>> lifestyle⁣
>> moderate approach⁣
>> slow and steady⁣
>> progress not perfection⁣

They make you roll your eyes – HARD. ⁣

For some of you, the only way you think “it will work” is if it’s new, novel, hard, or it hurts! But that’s exactly what’s keeping you stuck and frustrated. ⁣

Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to slash and burn. Imagine what could happen when you start eating enough – end the restrict + binge cycle, give yourself permission to feel full + satisfied every day… forever?⁣