how to protect metabolism in a deficit

If we know how that undereating your calorie needs leads to a slower metabolism, can we protect it or prevent consequences?

Yes! ⁣There are several things we can do to protect the metabolism: ⁣

lift. heavy. weights.

You can build and maintain lean muscle mass through any form of exercise, but it’s easiest and most efficient through strength training. If you start a strength training routine or simply continue your current one, while in a calorie deficit, you’ll protect your lean muscle mass and therefore, protect your metabolism.

create a moderate deficit in calories and macros.

One of the worst things you could do is create too large, too drastic of a deficit through major changes to your eating pattern and exercise routine. Eating in only a slight calorie deficit will keep hormones happy and metabolism healthy while still allowing you to reach your goals.

eat enough protein.

Eating enough protein while in a calorie deficit essentially tells your body to “hold on” to lean, strong muscle while pulling from stored body fat to make up for energy demands. And more muscle means a better metabolism.

consider recomposition phases over weight loss or fat loss phase, always.

Recomposition means you’re interested in losing body fat while gaining or maintaining lean muscle mass and it requires us to find macro goals that support strength training and recovery.

plan for what's next.

You can’t be in a calorie deficit forever. If a weight loss plan or program does not have any nod at what’s to happen after a focused calorie deficit phase – run. It’s not sustainable and it’s not setting you up to protect your metabolism.

If you need help figure out exactly what a slight/moderate deficit is for you, how much protein you should be eating, or how many calories even constitutes a recomposition or fat lose phase – you need a Personalized Macro Calculation. My team and I will take a deep dive into your health picture, food preferences, activity levels and goals and give you highly customized recommendations!

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