here’s what happens when women under eat their needs for too long

Let’s get a few things straight:⁣

You need to be in a calorie deficit to see fat loss.⁣

You can lose body fat in an uncomfortable and unsustainable way that causes not-so-fun metabolic and hormonal adjustments. ⁣

Or, you can lose body fat in a painless and, dare I say, enjoyable way that avoids any metabolic and hormonal consequences. ⁣

The length and severity of your calorie deficit is what determines that difference.

If you’re out here still chasing the weight you were in college or you’re the type who has “tried everything” or you’ve been losing and gaining the same 20 pounds over the last decade, I can guarantee that you’re familiar with some of the symptoms listed above. ⁣

There’s a sweet spot in a calorie deficit where you can lose unwanted body fat and prevent a metabolic and hormonal disaster along the way: a slight calorie deficit and/or a short amount of time. ⁣

The opposite? ⁣
>> cutting out food groups⁣
>> skipping meals⁣
>> creating a drastic calorie deficit ⁣
>> dieting forever and ever⁣
>> fasting ⁣
>> count calories (not macros)⁣

… well you know because you might be living it! ⁣

Look, I know you want to see results (like yesterday!) but let’s just take a big, deep breath and resolve to do things differently than you’ve done before – take a gentler, more supportive route. Try loving and respecting your body for a change. 

If you’re ready to learn what a slight calorie deficit looks like for your body – get Personalized Macros from my team! I’ll be SO glad to set you on a gentle, but effective path. ⁣

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