just because you’ve wanted it for a long time…

“I am working SO hard!”⁣

“I do what ‘I am supposed to’ everyday!” ⁣

“I never cheat on my diet!”⁣

Ok, pause. We know that the biggest factor influencing your progress and success is: consistency. How many days out of 30, no 60, no 100 are you engaging in behaviors that move you towards your goals? ⁣

Let’s really measure consistency by entertaining an 80/20 rule. In the context of one month, that means you’re eating to your calorie and macro targets on 24 days, leaving 6 days to flex around on purpose – or to account for days that don’t go according to plan.⁣

If you’re being honest with yourself, (a) are you tracking consistency in some way? And, (b) are you able to say you’re doing the thing 80% of the time or more?⁣

That might be hard one to swallow. ⁣

Before you go and beat yourself up for lack of progress (not recommended!) consider that it might not be your fault that you haven’t been consistent. I see these common themes that make it super hard:⁣

>> overly complicated diets⁣
>> diets that require drastic lifestyle changes you can’t keep up⁣
>> unrealistic goals and extreme methods to get you there⁣

When compared to the confusing, contradictory and complicated diet advice that we see all over the place from our favorite social media follows, tracking macros just makes sense. ⁣

Challenge yourself to be consistent for weeks on weeks on weeks not because it’s super hard, but because it’s actually doable with a macros approach. Let me walk you step by step to setting your own macro targets – download my free guide below!

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