silly vs smart about adjusting your macros

“Ok so when should I adjust my macros?” – the most common question after someone receives their custom macro calculations.⁣

My answer?⁣

Not often at all. ⁣
And only if what you are doing stops working and you aren’t seeing results. ⁣

But before you go and flip the table on everything you’re doing, you gotta *actually verify* that what you’re doing is not working and that you aren’t seeing results. ⁣

If you care about losing body fat, getting leaner, stronger and fitter – why aren’t you tracking variables that would give you that information? Why would you use the scale to verify this information? ⁣It like, very much does NOT tell you what you’re looking for.

All too often I see women get frustrated by the scale but when we talk it through, they actually can verify that what we’re doing *is working*⁣
>> their pants are fitting looser⁣
>> muscles be more defined⁣
>> they are stronger, more fit ⁣

Truly, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! It’s almost always better to be eating as much food as possible while seeing results. ⁣

But you gotta be tracking metrics that you actually care about that measure the things you’re trying to assess. ⁣

Over the next several posts I’ll address all things progress – how to assess fat loss and lean muscle gain progress, best metrics to track, verifying plateaus, how to use the scale (if you want to!). 

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