metrics to track if you have goals to lose fat + gain muscle

If you have goals to change your body shape you best not be looking at your weight once a week and just… calling it good.⁣

If you AcTuAlLy care about getting leaner, stronger and more fit, using the scale is just ONE piece (albeit a lousy piece) of data that might measure those metrics for you.

>> body measurements⁣
>> progress pictures⁣
>> average scale weight over time⁣
…are much better metrics to show you what you’re looking to learn. ⁣

Of course, these are not the ONLY metrics we track. We look at a laundry list of biofeedback like⁣

>> strength, endurance or flexibility gains⁣
>> sleep quality and duration⁣
>> energy for workouts⁣
>> recovery from workouts⁣
>> enthusiasm for your goals⁣
>> stress levels and ability to cope⁣
>> and more!⁣

First make sure you can confidently say you’ve been consistent in hitting your nutrition and training protocols because we don’t fix what isn’t broken. Then, look at changes over time in the metrics that actually measure what you care about.⁣

want a personalized look at your maros?