macro balanced snacks

Do you find yourself annoyed with your hunger? ⁣

Maybe you just need to “get by” with a low calorie snack food in order to save for a bigger meal later?⁣

Catch yourself in silent applause for keeping macros under a certain target by 3 PM – or some other arbitrary time of day?⁣

Sister, that’s no way to live. And I think you know that!⁣

Taking a few extra extra minutes to pair some P or F with that C will get you a long way! Most of the time, when people make the switch from bird food to macro-balance their biggest complaint is: being full. ⁣

And isn’t that the point? ⁣

Rice cakes aren’t going to help you bring your best to that big meeting and certainly won’t support your spin class or lifting session after work. In fact, eating stingy snacks is probably setting you up for a pantry binge a couple hours later – or whenever your willpower wears thin 🤫

Some of my favorite protein and fat adds (to otherwise carbohydrate-heavy foods!) are:⁣

>> deli meat⁣
>> avocado⁣
>> hummus⁣
>> tuna⁣
>> protein powder⁣
>> olives⁣
>> coconut⁣
>> chia seeds⁣
>> cashew butter⁣

If you are or have been the person who chooses the snack on the left – what was it that clicked to become the person who chooses the snack on the right? I wanna hear about your filling and satiating snacks!

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