macro friendly shrimp skillet

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Digging around in my freezer is like mining for gold!⁣

What better time to organize the kitchen and experiment with cooking than right now!⁣

Pictured here is shrimp skillet dish with bell peppers + onion + jalapeño + corn + avocado + cilantro + lime + corn tortilla chip crunchies. Of course, this meal can be manipulated to better fit your personal macros by: ⁣

>> adding more fat by subbing a higher fat protein like pork belly or chorizo. ⁣

>> adding more carbs by pairing with rice, beans (or both!). Grab a bigger handful of tortilla chips.⁣

>> adding more protein by dishing a bigger portion of shrimp for yourself, topping with cheese, or pairing with beans. 

What would you add or subtract to make it fit your personal macro needs?