your body is tracking macros whether or not you are

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. ⁣⁣
⁣⁣If you’re ignoring that creamer in your coffee throughout the morning or eyeballing the peanut butter portion you serve yourself…

Maybe you’re a bit heavy handed with the cooking oil in your breakfast skillet or you’re digging into a Costco sizedstash of mixed nuts…
It’s been awhile since you actually looked the serving size for those tortilla chips and you’re used to eating ice cream out of the carton…⁣⁣

Your body is tracking macros whether or not you are.⁣⁣
Failing to get enough of one macronutrient or getting too much of another can mean the difference between:⁣
>> successful, long term fat loss or not being able to lose that last 10-15 pounds that seems to have parked around your mid-section⁣⁣
>> flying through the afternoon with high productivity and the mid-afternoon energy crash ⁣⁣
>> feeling satiated between meals and raiding the pantry between meals⁣

You don’t have to read the manual on your car to drive it to work everyday, just like you don’t have to track macros to be healthy. But, when the “check engine” light goes on, it helps to know where to find the right information to get you out of that situation. In the same way, it helps to understand the language your body speaks, the makeup of our food, and the checks-and-balances system that comes by tracking your macros. ⁣⁣