Human vs. Free Macro Calculator

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Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a free macro calculator 🙌🏻⁣

Here are the results from 3 different macro calculators where I submitted THE SAME information:

>> One spit out an astronomical protein target.

⁣>> 2500 calories for one and 1900 calories for another!

>> I woulda blown through my fat targets by breakfast if I had followed the recommendations from that last calculator. ⁣

How’s a person to know which prescription is right for them? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few words exchanged before you hit that “submit” button? Don’t you think your eating habits and preferences are nuanced?⁣ I do!

⁣Here‘s the deal: your macros should fit YOU. You shouldn’t have to fit YOUR MACROS.⁣ Let that sink in.

That’s why I created the Personalized Macro Calculation service. Answer several questions pertaining to your health, habits and preferences – yes, I want the whole story! I’ll use my human brain (and expertise) to customize your targets to you.

here’s exactly how it works
  1. Go to this page 
  2. Purchase the Personalized Macro Calculation
  3. Fill out the Health Assessment to tell me all the juicy deets about your health, fitness and nutrition
  4. Sit back while my team and I get busy on the macro math
  5. Get your personalized macro targets delivered right to your inbox. I’ll include justification for why your macros are set where they are, expectations for future progress, and information about next-steps with your health journey.

Don’t let another week go by spinning your wheels on a macro prescription that isn’t fit for YOU personally. You in?