silly vs smart about learning macros

What will you do with your time and energy when it’s not spent stressing about the way you eat?⁣

When you feel full, satisfied and energized eating a variety of foods every single day. ⁣

When you are so unfazed by food fear mongers or diet fanatics (who is gonna break it to them that cauliflower can’t be substitute for everything!?)⁣

When you’re skipping wine dates, cheese plates or bread baskets out of fear, guilt or shame. ⁣

When your friends are asking you what you’re doing to look so fit – not the other way around. ⁣

When you are no longer puzzled by how your body works or how to make gentle changes to your body shape or size.

When you’ve got blinders on to what everyone else is doing because what you’re doing actually makes sense and works for you.⁣

When you look forward to working out because it’s a daily reminder of your power.⁣

When you don’t worry about whether the restaurant will have “options” to fit your super limited meal plan. ⁣

^^^ that’s what this is about⁣

Macros Made Easy course is amazing and I know you’ll come out the others side with all the tools you need to be successful with this approach – but that’s not REALLY what this is about. ⁣

It’s about food, but it’s not about the food. When nutrition runs on autopilot, like white noise in the background, you are freed up to give your gifts and talents to so much bigger and better things. ⁣

So tell me, what will you do with your time and energy when you are not spent stressing about the way you eat?⁣

For me, macros brought an end to confusion about how to change *anything*. Diets make you think you’re broken and left confused about how to see change. Macros teach you how your body works and how to fuel, effectively putting me in the drivers seat of how I want to look, feel and perform⁣.

Want to go from confused to confident?