things I’m probably gonna call you out on if we work together

You can do anything you want to do, but not all at the same time.


You want to achieve XYZ but the things you’re doing will get you ABC results. You want these outcomes but your habits and behaviors won’t get you there.

It’s kinda like setting out on a road trip with the intention of going to Disneyworld, but by way of Mr. Rushmore. You might get there, but you’re not going to get there quickly or efficiently.

Look, I want you to have all the things, but it probably can’t be all at the same time. My advice? Choose one thing and go after it HARD! You’ll never know what that journey will teach you if you’re always half in or half out.

And if you need someone to affirm that your nutrition and training line up with your goals – or just need straight shooting guidance, the Custom Macro Calculation is exactly that. My team of expert dietitians and I give highly personalized recommendations, including why your macro targets and calories are set where they are. We’ll also provide recommendations for additional habits and behaviors that could get you toward your goals quicker.

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