am I overtraining?

Do you or someone you know sound like this?⁣

If yes, you might be at risk for overtraining – especially if you’re not eating to match your high level of activity. ⁣

Overtraining precipitates as physical and emotional symptoms in the areas of appetite, immunity, mood, sleep and performance.⁣

Professional experience shows me that in the pursuit of being strong, feeling lean and becoming fit, many think “more is better” – which results in overtraining. As your body fights to keep balance, you’ll experience hormonal and metabolic changes that will make lean muscle gain and fat loss nearly impossible. you can kiss your gainz goodbye!⁣

As with most things, there seems to be a sweet spot between not getting enough activity and getting too much. So if you hear these phases pass through your lips, it might be time to evaluate your balance. ⁣

learn how much food (and activity) is right for you