overtraining can cause

If you’ve been a part of the over training club, you’ve got experience with many (or all) of the symptoms on this list.⁣

Overtraining is a form of stress on the body and it can only keep up with that constant state of stress for so long.⁣

When the stress and demand becomes too much for your body to handle, it has to compensate in some way. Compensation looks like: down-regulating certain non-essential functions so it has enough energy for other essential functions. The main priority is keeping you alive, but it’s coming at the expense of happy hormones and a healthy metabolism.⁣

So, if you want (need) to “turn off” some of these symptoms and feel better right away start with these:⁣
>> ditch two-a-days⁣
>> scale back on those HIIT, cardio, bootcamp classes⁣
>> add at least 1 full, non-negotiable rest day⁣

You’re probably like “yeah, Emily’s totally right but I can’t get myself to do that because blah blah blah…” and to that, I’d say come on over and get some tough love. ⁣

Investing in a personalized set of macros from my macro expert dietitian team is the perfect way to get the boost of confidence to eat more and do less so you actually start to see the changes you want to see in your body – and stop feeling like cr*p. I’ll ask about your preferred level of activity, what type of activity you enjoy, how you’re feeling overall and provide the nuanced macro recommendations you need so you can finally feel supported. ⁣

If we think you might be overtraining you can be damn sure I’m going to tell you, because I care.

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