reasons the scale went up that have nothing to do with body fat

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Did you know that 1 pound of body fat equals 3500 calories? ⁣

This means that in order for you to gain just two pounds of body fat overnight, you’d have to eat 7000 calories over your maintenance calories for the day.⁣

And that definitely didn’t happen, boo. ⁣

Last week, we talked about all the different things our body does with “extra” calories (spoiler: they don’t just get stored as body fat). ⁣

So, if the scale jumped a little over night, check out one of the many reasons why it could have. Remember, daily fluctuations of 2-4 pounds are pretty normal for humans so the next time you’re celebrating a 4 pound loss overnight, or beating ourself up over a 2 pound gain, check yourself. ⁣

You say you care about changing your strength, shape, or size but the scale definitely can’t measure that. So why are you using it as a tool to assess? ⁣

learn how to eat enough to get lean