if you overate this weekend

Every. Single. Day. We are faced with opportunities to overeat – not just holiday weekends.⁣

We live in a time where hyperpalatable food is highly available for cheap. Over the weekend you were faced with many food decisions that involved this type of food. ⁣

Overeating happens, and if your goals are to support a healthy metabolism, achieve and maintain a leaner, stronger body – what you decide to do (and not do) after overindulging can make all the difference.⁣

There are a few common themes to how people react to that uncomfortable, overstuffed feeling after eating a large meal or meals. Many are triggered by guilt to restrict food intake or over exercise to compensate. Some might drink a ton of water in an attempt to “flush out” what they’ve eaten. I hear people say things like “I was so bad”, “I blew my whole day”, or even, “diet starts tomorrow!”.⁣

These tips are inspired by my most successful clients. As you might notice, there’s no mention of detoxing, fasting, or flushing in what’s to follow. ⁣


>> Reach for whole, real foods in macronutrient balance. Why? It’s tough to overeat a plate of real, whole food – think fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, legumes, lean proteins. When we eat a mix of macronutrients from whole food (the stuff that isn’t refined, processed and packaged), you’ll slow down, get fuller faster and stay satisfied longer. Opt for meals that fill you up and satisfy you through good nutrition, various textures and lots of volume. ⁣

>> Understand why you were triggered to overeat. Using food to mask a different emotion is never the answer so if you’re reaching for food out of boredom, loneliness, frustration or stress: explore that. Work to resolve the uncomfortable root emotion without food. ⁣

>> Immediately go back to your normal eating pattern. one meal or even one whole day of overeating is not enough to throw you off track from your goals, but when you overindulge across multiple meals or multiple days it definitely could! ⁣

Do you struggle with always trying to “start over on Monday” or “get back on track”? Learning to build habits that serve you every day (rather than just Monday through Friday) is exactly what I work with my clients on. Consider applying for coaching – we have individual and group options available

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