approaches to food tracking

Here’s what we know: the shear act of tracking your food can change nutrition habits for the better. Period. ⁣

Truly, you are doing yourself so much good just by paying attention to your eats by logging them in some way:⁣

– in the notes section of your phone⁣
– digital spreadsheet or doc⁣
– via an app ⁣
– on pen + paper⁣
– snapping a picture⁣

If and when you’re ready to dial up the detail – you’ll track the macronutrients in your food and aim to hit particular, personalized targets.

>> tracking food increases your awareness and influences your eating behaviors ⁣

>> tracking calories does that ^^ and influences your body weight⁣

>> tracking macros does that ^^ and influences your health markers, body composition and athletic performance

If macros are the language our body speaks, tracking macros is like learning how to speak that language right back to your body to give it gentle direction. ⁣

That’s pretty powerful if you ask me. Wanna know how much you should be eating to optimize hormones, improve body composition, and support athletic performance? Grab my DIY macros guide today!