Avoid macro tetris

Your sticky point is not the same as my sticky point.⁣

You might struggle with getting enough protein. I might struggle eating up to my carbohydrate targets. Some days you feel like you have to force feed fat-rich foods and others you gobble them up with no problem.⁣

You’ll be a pro at forming meals with a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates in no time, but until then while you’re learning, consider some of these easy swaps for your typical foods.⁣

It’s useful to see high vs. low options for each macro when you’re just starting out tracking macros.⁣

Hear me when I say: the foods on the higher macro side are not “bad” and the foods on the lower macro side are not “good”. Food is neutral and for different reasons you might need to utilize a variety of options. ⁣

Macro tetris is totally not fun, nor is it a sustainable approach to tracking. Instead of banging your head against the wall at the end of the day (multiple days a week!), take note of trends:⁣

>> Which of my meals tends to pack the MOST fat? Do I need to make a food swap so I can enjoy fat in all my meals and not just one?⁣

>> Which are the foods that contribute the least amount of carbs? Can I increase the portion of those foods or should I find a higher carb option that provides more of what I need?⁣

>> Do I eat a fairly even amount of protein throughout all my meals? If not (and I find myself playing “catch up” at the end of the day), which meal do I typically need to add more?⁣

Ya dig? 💥⁣

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