how to utilize a macro cap

Do you know what a “macro cap” is?⁣

A macro cap is a mini meal that you can dial up and down protein, fat and carbohydrate ingredients without compromising the dish. ⁣

You know when you’re just about 150-300 calories short of your goal and you’ve got a random number of PFCs to round out your day? The meal that you make to meet the last of your targets is a “macro cap”. ⁣

I bet you’re already doing this – but you didn’t have a name for it. Or maybe, you just needed some more ideas, so keep reading to get some more! 

In these examples you’ll find mini meals that contain a combination of protein + fat + carbohydrate rich foods. and, depending on how much of each macro you need to round our your day, you can easily adjust the P, F, or C ingredient to fit.⁣

For example: you’re short by protein and fat, but have a lot of catching up to do on carbohydrate targets. You might eat couple of hard boiled eggs (protein + fat) and pair with banana and honey (carb) to round out your day. ⁣

You might choose fat free cottage cheese + a couple of clementines if you only have a bit of protein and carbs till you hit your targets. alternatively, I love a peanut butter + rice cake combination when I need to play catch up on fats and carbs. ⁣

See how that works? It helps to start with a list of your favorite snacks – adjust the PFC parts to fit your needs. ⁣

p + f + C combinations

  • nonfat greek yogurt + walnuts + dried fruit
  • 4% cottage cheese + mandarin oranges
  • protein powder + coconut cream + mixed berries
  • liquid egg whites + hemp seeds + cereal
  • deli ham + cheddar cheese + rice cake
  • whole milk greek yogurt + powdered peanut butter + banana
  • vanilla protein powder + whole milk + frozen mango
  • high protein cereal + whole milk
  • 2% cottage cheese + peanut butter + rice cake
  • hard boiled whole eggs + apple slices
  • protein pancake + almond butter + honey

dairy free combinations

  • deli meat + smashed avocado + rice cake
  • protein powder + soy milk + frozen mixed berries
  • high protein cereal + pea milk
  • cooked egg whites + avocado mayo + corn tortilla
  • Dave’s Killer Bread + peanut butter + honey

vegetarian combinations

  • hard boiled eggs + orange slices
  • black beans + shredded cheese + tortilla chips
  • protein powder + milk alternative + nut butter + banana
  • Greek yogurt + shredded coconut
  • peas + oil + chickpea pasta
  • popcorn + butter + nutritional yeast
  • dry roasted edamame + almonds + raisins
  • liquid egg whites + chia seeds + cereal

need more tips to meal plan around your macros?