stop calling yourself a perfectionist

Calling all my clients 🎤  is this thing on?⁣

*clears throat*⁣

Don’t confuse perfectionist behavior with high achieving behavior. ⁣

High achievers are dedicated and determined – we see it all the time in coaching. They are the clients who have a strong desire to accomplish something that’s important to them. Their achievements are not about what others will think of them or a fear of failure, but to gain personal gratification from their success. ⁣

Self-proclaimed perfectionists, on the other hand, are not driven by the pursuit of perfection, they’re driven by the avoidance of failure. true perfectionists aren’t really trying to be perfect, they are avoiding *not being good enough*⁣. They are so afraid of failing that they keep finding flaws to perfect – but since absolute perfection doesn’t exist they never stop.

Are you pursuing goals with a perfectionist mindset? Maybe you’re striving for more in a never ending loop. Exhausting! Here are some things I see:⁣

>> you can not accept or celebrate your success⁣
>> you don’t allow yourself any mistakes⁣
>> you put up a front, insisting everything is perfect⁣
>> you stay in your “safe zone”, avoid taking on challenges that may lead to failure ⁣

So, can you beat perfectionism?⁣

Totally – the mind is incredibly powerful. You can develop a healthy mindset and make life much easier and more rewarding for yourself but sometimes it might take time.

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