tips to nail your protein macros

It’s always protein, isn’t it?⁣

When you first start tracking macros, protein is usually the toughest target to hit. that’s because you may not realize how much you need each day to get strong, feel lean and be fit. ⁣

Remember these tips to boost your protein up where it needs to be:⁣

>> Find your checkpoint macros. Instead of thinking about hitting your protein macro total, consider breaking the number into “checkpoints” that you’ll aim to hit by each meal. To find your protein checkpoint, imagine your typical day and total the number of meals you usually like to have. Take your total protein macro goal and divide it by however many meals you like to have. This is your “check point” macro and you’ll form meals around this portion.⁣

>> Brain dump your favorite protein foods. Sometimes we simply “go blank” when it comes to planning meals – we can’t seem to remember which foods have protein in them, let alone which foods we like and want to actually eat. After you brain dump your favorite protein-fitch foods, ensure some are pantry safe, some are fresh, and some could be frozen.⁣

>> Plan to prep ahead – protein containing foods can be some of the more time-consuming foods to prepare to eat. Make it easier on yourself and prep ahead of time. BONUS: if you prep protein in bulk, it can be used in multiple dishes and easily tracked.⁣

>> Make high protein swaps – higher protein versions of your favorite food exist everywhere if you know where to look for them. By making some swaps to the brands you regularly shop, you might be able to sneak an extra 20-30 grams into your day.⁣

>> Add supplements if needed – sometimes it’s necessary to fill gaps in your nutrition with supplements. Protein powders and protein bars can be a part of an eating pattern that is based mostly in whole real foods. Pro tip! Rather than mix protein powder in water or scarf down a protein bar between meals, we recommend creating macro balanced meals by eating other foods in conjunction with the supplement.⁣

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