being silly versus smart about your workouts

An incomplete list of things I used to believe about lifting:⁣

>> switch things up often, muscles need to be “confused” to avoid plateaus⁣
>> lifting light weights at high reps is for women⁣
>> lifting heavier is the only way to progress and see results⁣
>> lifting heavy weights at low reps is for size and mass gain⁣
>> weight rooms are for men, machines are for women⁣
>> lifting after cardio is best⁣
>> the time of day that you lift matters⁣
>> machines are more effective than free weights⁣
>> cardio > lifting for fat loss⁣
>> toning is a thing⁣
>> lifting light weights at high reps is for getting long and lean⁣
>> lifting heavy weights at low reps is for men⁣
>> a weight room is required⁣
>> lifting is for men, cardio is for women⁣

Thankfully, those myths don’t take up any more of my precious brain space. Do you need to do an edit?

Following a structured lifting plan or program that includes progressive overload, is the best way to optimize the active hours of your week. It’s the best way to put that good nutrition to work to build lean, strong muscle and a fit physique. ⁣

By far, the second biggest (after not eating to their needs) reason women don’t see the results they think they should be despite spending hours in the gym is: they are failing to follow a structured plan or program. ⁣

They are skipping the basics.⁣
They are not forming a foundation on which to build.⁣
They are holding themselves back. ⁣
They are failing to challenge themselves.⁣

So, if you’re the type to search and save random workouts on IG from any given influencer, or stream the same workout on YT because it’s fun – and you’re NOT seeing the body composition results that you think you should be – it’s time to invest your energy into something structured or personalized.⁣