can macros become obsessive?

Can keto become obsessive?⁣
Can WW become obsessive?⁣
Can paleo become obsessive?⁣

Everything has the potential to become obsessive in the wrong hands or with the wrong mindset. ⁣

I’ll give it to you straight: because of the attention paid to weighing, measuring and tracking food and macros in an app, it can trigger already unhealthy, obsessive habits in people who have a history of disordered eating. ⁣

How you use the approach is everything. ⁣

If you learned about macros with your eyes set on perfection, aiming to hit macro targets exactly every day under all circumstances, measuring every leaf of lettuce you eat, then yeah, I bet you ⁣

(1) either ditched tracking altogether because perfect is a construct created to keep you stuck and you grew tired of feeling like a failure, or⁣

(2) are still stuck in the loop, definitely not enjoying life, but unable to let it go.⁣

Tracking macros doesn’t have to be that way. The way you track has the potential to become stress-free. Here are some examples of how I teach a macros approach:⁣
>> hit macros within a recommended range⁣
>> don’t tracking non-starchy veggies or seasonings, spices⁣
>> hit protein and calories but let carbs and fats fall where they will ⁣

These are just some of the strategies I use with my clients to remove the perfection around tracking so it can become a more useful approach to use long-term. ⁣

In case you never heard it before:⁣
>> It’s ok to love the approach that didn’t work for a friend.⁣
>> It’s ok to use the approach differently than you did before.⁣
>> It’s ok to grow out of the approach if it’s no longer serving you.⁣

To the person who asked me this question, hear this: you’re allowed to change. if the way you’re using macro tracking is no longer serving you, you have permission to change directions or take a break from the approach all together.⁣

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